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Everything we have and Everyone we can use - List Here IN DOT POINTS!


Fyodor Krasniy Thu 3 Dec 2015 3:44AM

  • 2 Maniquins
  • 8 1.5m x 2.5m Sheets of 6-9mm MDF
  • Venetian Masks
  • Brink Sign
  • Rust Paint

Ariane Bingham Thu 3 Dec 2015 4:35AM

  • Fabric at home
  • multiple boxes of random fabric at maker lab
  • access to fabric (dependant on what want- as its lingerie stuff)

Fyodor Krasniy Tue 8 Dec 2015 9:31AM

  • Drill
  • Metal sheet cutter
  • Jigsaw
  • 3 maniquins

Rory McMahon Tue 8 Dec 2015 11:48PM

* Heaps of scrap metal
* Various sizes of plywood & MDF
* Various lengths of LED strips (UV, RGB, Addressable RGB)
* Various micro controllers (Teensy, Arduino, etc)
* Various electrical parts (resisters, capacitors, buttons, switches, connectors, etc)
* Various lengths and gauges of wire

* AEG brush-less impact driver, drill, circular saw, angle grinder
* Jigsaw
* Fairly complete electrical tool collection
* Fairly complete plumbing tool collection
* Various tools for measurement
* Access to FML tools (ARC welder, drop saw, drill press, etc)

Tools that I often borrow but would like to buy:
* Air compressor
* Plasma cutter
* Mig welder

* Electrical
* Lighting design
* Systems design
* Unix/Linux
* Arduino
* Perl
* Arc, Mig and Tig welding (kinda shit at tig still)
* Plasma cutting
* Flame effects
* Pyrotechnics (Still in training, not yet licensed)
* Other metal work
* Kinda ok at woodwork
* Audio production
* General production (stage/event/audio/video)
* Reversing with trailers
* Finding resources (materials, people, knowledge)


Fyodor Krasniy Wed 9 Dec 2015 2:48AM

Now thats the good shit right there.