Donation Tally: Public Supporters & Resource Gifts

T Tricia Public Seen by 47

I am so pleased a donation came in last night for $25. Now I know why small business owners frame their first earnings.

Great job, team.

Let's roll!!


Jackie Sat 5 Jul 2014 6:18PM

Actual balance: $2096.22
Projected Exp: $1834.65
Projected balance: $261.57

this is off by c. $14 in fees - will be added for next week's reportback


Tricia Sat 5 Jul 2014 7:08PM

+1 Thanks for the update, Jackie!


Jackie Mon 14 Jul 2014 4:20PM

There have been no reports from AFGJ since then, which I think means no new donations. Have sent them a letter to double check.


Sally G Wed 16 Jul 2014 7:57PM

The emergency call from Julia sparked some donations: can we analyze that with thoughts of I-80 (anyone know anything?) and Antiracism Training in mind? Was it our internal folks helping to make it happen, which is good, or did we tap into something outside ourselves, which is better? I may have a proposal for tonight’s call—please don’t miss it; we are very close!