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Bill Wendel Thu 17 Mar 2016 6:30PM

Exploring @Loomio as a platform to:

1. Transition RECALL -- Real Estate Consumer Alliance from Google+ to Loomio
2. Set-up organizing committee for real estate unconference
3. Create synergy circles to collaborate on shared goals, events leading to #NARinBos18

RE2020 Unconference: 1Q2016
1. Invite people to sign-up for RE2020 Unconference;
2. See each other's backgrounds, and make connections around shared passions;
3. Propose, request or even collaborate on sessions for unconferences;
4. Build working groups, sustain progress between events;
5. Develop Disruption Roadmap, track progress towards #RE2020 goal

GOAL: Cocreate open eco-system in RE to deliver $30B consumer savings annually