Tue 7 Aug 2018 11:40AM

Next meeting: weekend on-site

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message from Alex - who wants to join?

alte Ziegelei Muckwar - das kleines Fest und die erste Aktion

Es ist soweit.
Wir probieren zum ersten Mal unser neues Gelände für ein gemeinsames Wochenende aus _^

Am 09.09. wollen wir gemeinsam entspannen, die Natur genießen und uns gegenseitig Kennenlernen. Freunde können gern mitgebracht werden. Es wird Musik, Essen, Lagerfeuer und jede Menge neue Freunde geben. Damit das klappt, kannst du dich in folgender Liste für Aufgaben melden und deine Teilnahme bestätigen. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1at3PWMQKwcchuO7eRTtXVc4FC8mMSk41bdZX46-PT4o/edit?usp=sharing

Ab dem 03.09. werden bereits ein paar fleißige Muckwarrier auf dem Hauptgelände klar Schiff machen und am Samstag dem 08.09. soll es eine größere Hauruck-Aktion mit möglichst allen Beteiligten geben. Bitte gib in der Liste an ob du dabei bist.


Alex Cuthbertson Wed 8 Aug 2018 9:00AM

Yes yes I'm super keen.
Our WG block is having a massive party on the 8th, which makes things a little tricky. But I am totally keen to come down for this on the 9th. What do we have for transport options at the moment?

Also, sorry I've been offline. My negleted personal projects are taking longer to catch up with.. Nearly there though :)


Alex Cuthbertson Wed 29 Aug 2018 1:26PM

Howdy hey team. So who's up for a quick meeting next week in order for us to brainstorm and solidify some ideas to go to Muckwar with? I have a feeling that things will move quicker in general if we all agree on exactly what we agree upon, and definitely want to see happen in "our corner" of the space. We could create a list of priorities for how we want to use the space and this gives us a much stronger starting point and angle to see everything through.

Also it would be good to organize some transport.

I am also keen to head down on the Friday and spend the weekend there, so long as Alex is ok with that. It would be nice to get a full feel for the place and see it when nobody else is there.


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Muckwar pre-brainstorm Closed Sun 2 Sep 2018 3:01PM

For anyone keen to meet and get our heads together. Plus I just miss you guys. Everyone is welcome at mine (Karl-Marx-Straße 277) unless we can find a more suitable location.


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Alex Cuthbertson Thu 30 Aug 2018 8:08AM

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Although i just got an email from the Google event saying that the event had been cancelled? Did any of you guys get any updates?