Wed 13 Dec 2017 11:39AM

Board meeting December 14th Agenda

JH Jon Harley Public Seen by 330

14/12/2017 at 7.30pm

  • Agree chair
  • Apologies
  • Minutes of last meeting: 12th October
  • Matters arising
  • Report on enquiries to the board (all)
  • Financial report (Jon)
  • Membership report (Greg)
  • Website (Rob/Greg)
  • BCU tileserver (Brian)
  • Welsh/UK rendering (Adam)
  • Satorilab grant funding proposal (Adam)
  • Apps (Adam)
  • West Midlands Data Discovery Centre (Brian)
  • Contact with Mapbox (Brian)
  • Case Studies (Brian/Greg)
  • Membership drive for organisations (Brian)
  • 360 camera scheme (Rob)
  • Pool of volunteers to attend events (Rob/Brian)
  • Ilya Zverev's Streak
  • Geospatial commission policy statement
  • 2018 plans/strategy for achieving AoA aims (Brian)
  • AGM: Manchester or Peterborough?
  • Budget (Jon)
  • AOB

RobJN Wed 13 Dec 2017 8:19PM

It is my work Christmas dinner (from 2pm) tomorrow. I will join the call but thought it best to share some notes in advance!!

Report on enquiries to the board (all)

Emu Analytics released data for building height data in major cities under CC-BY-SA. We contacted them to ask for use extended to OSM. I received an initial positive response asking some questions. Responded and chased yesterday. No news yet.

Report on enquiries to the board (all)

We received a change of address request. Has this now been completed? If so can we please send an email and cc board so that I no longer need to track this task.

Website (Rob/Greg)

I shared the draft director bios. Are these okay to publish. I am awaiting Adam’s.

Satorilab grant funding proposal (Adam)

Chaser email sent. I don’t think we should confuse matters by trying to link the ODI to the other projects that were successful. They will have seen these anyway.

Case Studies (Brian/Greg)

As noted, it would be good to get these printed. Do we have any comments on the new PDF format I mocked up?

360 camera scheme (Rob)

Has been ordered. DPD tried to deliver but I wasn’t in. Will arrange a delivery date for next week when I can be at home. We will use royal mail as there is a depot near me.

Ilya Zverev's Streak

I like this and agree with Brian in that we should adopt and adapt. No major adaption required, just the wording of (and selection of tasks). I don’t think we should overcomplicate the system by forcing for the edit to be in the UK. Although we prefer people to map in the UK this is not an exclusive – the main thing is that we inspire mappers living in the UK.

Geospatial commission policy statement

Thanks Brian. I have moved it to a Google docs and made the amends that were shared.

AGM: Manchester or Peterborough?

I care little for the location. What matters to me is that we make a quick decision and start the planning. We can always go to the other place next year!


Ilya’s community validation tool is ace. Shall we promote it on the website? He has just added the ability to add tasks. We have the ASDA data so can launch that in January. Shall I arrange that with him?

We should announce the next quarterly project. Given Ilya’s work and the Asda data let’s do petrol stations. I have found them to be inconsistently mapped – something we can improve. There are only 8000 and it’s easy to trace the outline from aerial imagery.


RobJN Wed 13 Dec 2017 9:42PM

Geospatial commission

I felt that we should bring forward the role of OSM UK in the text so have developed a proposal which attempts this. Given the amount of change I have created a copy so as not to disturb the original text. In doing the amends I have also dropped a few lines which may be seen as negative or too inward looking and changed a few words to make more use of "plain English". You should still recognise big chunks of the original as content was great :-)


RobJN Wed 13 Dec 2017 9:48PM

Geospatial commission

Should we be opening up the draft for "review" from Mapbox, the ODI and the OSMF? I put "review" in quotes here because I think the main aim of doing so would actually to be to build up a relationship with them. I wouldn't expect them to propose that many edits as we have good content here.


RobJN Wed 13 Dec 2017 10:21PM


Signed waiver received from Emu Analytics :-)