Thu 24 Jan 2019 2:37AM

2019 Bylaw Renewal

VS VR10 Strata Public Seen by 141

The Strata Council has decided to update the bylaws to ensure they are in concordance with the Strata Property Act, including the Schedule of Standard Bylaws.

The process for doing this is to open up a conversation with Strata members to see if there are bylaws or regulations that there is interest in changing, and then Strata will work through those ideas, take the bylaws to a lawyer to update them correctly and then we will all vote on them at our next AGM or if they are ready, any SGMs. Everyone is encouraged to contribute to the discussion about changes in a productive manner through this venue, so by the time we vote on the bylaws, everyone who has thoughts will have had a chance to discuss them.

In this thread is the outcome of the Feb 11th community meeting on bylaws. Please feel free to add your thoughts to the proposed changes below and add any other threads on bylaws/regulations you would like to see added, removed or changed for VR 10. Thank you.