Wed 30 Apr 2014 4:42AM

National Poetry Day - 22 August

AS Alina Siegfried Public Seen by 11

National Poetry Day will be happening in NZ on 22 August, and it would be great to have the Poetry in Motion community involved in organising some sort of event.


Anyone got ideas?
Anyone keen to roll their sleeves up and help organise something?


Lonnard Dean Watkins Thu 8 May 2014 1:39AM

More than happy to do what I can to get something going


Lonnard Dean Watkins Fri 9 May 2014 12:28AM

Ok - radical idea based on an idea from Ali. Impromptu readings.

Five venues come to mind:
1 - Civic Square
2 - Cuba Mall
3 - Railroad Station
4 - Post Office Square (opposite Events Centre)
5 - Waterfront where they have the markets.

We could have a few poets (say4-5) with a portable PA moving about performing 2-3 poems between them at each venue (more if the audience is receptive). The train station could be done in the morning as commuters walk through (8ish) and the otehrs at lunchtime



Alina Siegfried Sun 11 May 2014 10:58PM

I'm thinking in the evening in Cuba Mall - it's a Friday night. We could use the outdoor stone steps if the weather is fine and we could approach Cosmic to ask about performing in their entranceway if the weather is crap (which is may well be in the middle of August).

Train station could also be a cool idea in the morning! though probably not that much fun for us as people will be in a hurry.

There's a slight chance I'll be out of the country at this time.


Alina Siegfried Sun 11 May 2014 10:59PM

Also, tagging people to get some creative input :) @traviscottreau @randijanelle @michaelgray


Travis Cottreau Sun 11 May 2014 11:21PM

Man, this is annoying, I posted for a second time after losing my first post.

I'll post now to be sure it's working and then post my idea.



Travis Cottreau Sun 11 May 2014 11:25PM

Ok, there it is.

I've wanted to do a poetry cover slam for a while. Why not then?

Outside in Wellington August sounds like a bad idea to me. It's just unpredictable.

A cover slam is a good idea because people will be picking their favourites, will expose the audience to a larger group of poets that they might not usually hear, and people who don't slam might be keen with other material.

I think one of the usual venues is best, Fringe or Meow maybe.


There's no reason all this stuff can't go together as well.



Alina Siegfried Sun 11 May 2014 11:38PM

Cover slam sounds great! It will be so hard to pick which poems to cover!


Lonnard Dean Watkins Sun 11 May 2014 11:51PM

all good ideas - what if we do both. Organise an event at Meow, Fringe etc. for the evening but keep open the option for a lunchtime impromptu if weather permits

as for covers - working on another one of Tom's so always keen


Randi Janelle Sun 11 May 2014 11:53PM

All great ideas! The cover slam would be oh so awesome. I also think you guys should keep the roving poets as an idea. The railway station in the morning might be tough, but I know there are school kids who start sprouting up around Lambton Square/Woodward St for half price sushi and the CBD after school - perhaps a couple of the uni poets (or non 9-5ers) could catch them? Would be cool to set up to catch high school hang outs. Or even do this around Vic uni?

I know I won't be around then, but if you really wanted to start promoting a youth slam, or get more teenagers involved, you could approach the schools or advertise the poetry day before hand? Make it a sort of hunt to find the poets on that afternoon/morning? Don't forget about the kids commuting!


Randi Janelle Sun 11 May 2014 11:54PM

Of course that's all easy for me to say! I hope whatever you all do, it rocks and rolls and introduces some budding poets to the stage! Woop!