Fri 26 Sep 2014 4:00AM

As a new member, where is the information?

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Forked out of the Dedicated board website conversation.

Is there a page I haven't noticed that has the current state of the PPNZ for various things like the policies being discussed, organisation and composition of the Board, I read something about Working Groups, is that still current, is there a list of them and info like what they're working on, who's in them, etc?

> From discussion
> @passcod If you say: backlog: do you mean the forum that we don’t use anymore? I would recommend to see it as an archive. We now only discuss things in loomio…

I haven't looked at the forum yet, mostly because there's already so much backlog on Loomio I haven't gone through, and that when the forum is mentioned, it is usually also said to not be used anymore, so what's the point.

> From discussion
> Certainly, positions lined out in the wiki are still valid, but they are hard to find and get your head around.

For the wiki, are you talking about this: http://pirateparty.org.nz/w/index.php?title=Special:RecentChanges&days=365 which has had only 5 updates in the past year? I haven't found another. Is that implying that everything on the wiki is current or that all of it save a page or two is aged?

> From discussion
> If you are keen to see the party take a particular stance on anything important to you, you are best off simply starting a new discussion in the policy group. If we have a position in that area already, it will probably quickly be mentioned and referenced by someone and the discussion can start working from that point onwards.

What if I am keen to see what the party is discussing right now, or has been doing, etc? I'm not particularly keen to spam with "have you done this" threads, and the argument is also about browsing vs. searching.

I'm not asking only for myself, I'm noticing that I am having trouble finding all of this, and I'm pretty patient and ok with looking around for things and reading backlog, much more so than many.

Generally, not only for this particular thing, me having trouble either means that I'm stupid or blind, or that almost everyone else has given up.


Hubat McJuhes Fri 26 Sep 2014 4:11AM

I am afraid to admit that the party activities have pretty much completely stalled some time early this year. The former board has not had a single meeting for over half a year. A new board has been elected just about a month ago. We are currently in the stage to gain control over resources and re-engineer our existence.

This may sound sad, but honestly, it is the best point in time for you to join in and help build up the party from the ground up again. You can regard yourself as a founding member, to the full extend of the meaning.


Hubat McJuhes Fri 26 Sep 2014 4:24AM

We want to make an 'internal' membership drive, meaning trying to convince people who have been members in the past years to re-engage with the party. We have said that we need to create a welcoming environment beforehand.

@passcod , with your special expertise how it feels like to enter our realms, you could help us defining these requirements by pointing out all the elements that you would like to see in place and miss.


Hubat McJuhes Sun 5 Oct 2014 7:58AM

I read something about Working Groups, is that still current, is there a list of them and info like what they’re working on, who’s in them, etc?

I think at the current point in time a workgroup starts it's existence by simply creating a new sub-group. If the purpose of the workgroup to develop policies in a particular area, it would be most appropriate to create this sub-group under the policy group. Such a workgroup can be set up being invite-only or any party member free to join and is free to organise itself in any way.
Once this workgroup had worked out their stance on something and would like to have a proposal confirmed as an official party policy, this proposal would need to be made in the general policy group for the whole membership to decide upon. If it finds general agreement here, it immediately becomes a party policy (no approval by the board required).

This is proper bottom-up grass-root policy development, right?