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Brain Trust - May 2018 Next Steps

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Please review the proposed next steps as created by Erica and April. Use google document to ask and answer questions.


Ben Kadel Wed 2 May 2018 8:39PM

I think I remember! The last time we all met we talked about the best way to use Loomio and Google docs to facilitate conversations. We decided (I'm pretty sure) that it would be best if we used a Google Doc with a "proposed" action plan and Loomio as a way of keeping track of where the conversation is at (more "meta" level).

The thought was that the Google Doc would put everything in one place with a sense of context and what's currently valid / relevant. Then we could have a conversation about areas of agreement and disagreement with specific parts through comments on the Google Docs and agreed upon changes as actual edits to the document.

Loomio then becomes a way of keeping a record of conversations - for example, that we started a conversation about X (the proposal in the Google Doc) and we can formally vote on the proposal as a way to mark when we say "go" to doing what's in the proposal.


Ben Kadel Wed 2 May 2018 9:08PM

In that spirit, I just went in and edited the document so that it is more clear what the proposed actions are, using comments to ask some questions / make comments. Let me know what you think. (Specific comments / edits in the document, more "meta" or general comments here.)


witworks1 Thu 3 May 2018 4:45PM

OK-thx for this Ben.


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Review the attached document. Make any edits you feel are necessary in the body of the document or add comments for questions / suggestions. Check it off when you've added your two cents.


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Mon 7 May 2018 7:36PM

Looks good...


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