Wed 4 Mar 2015 5:56PM

In Class Essay

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Written essay completed in class.


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Mitchell Krane
Wed 4 Mar 2015 6:01PM

I would rather have more time and access to my computer to write an essay, so the take home essay is superior.


Alexander Vaughan
Fri 6 Mar 2015 1:43AM

I'd prefer the multiple choice, but if we are to do an essay I'd want to do it in class.


Andrew Koss
Sun 8 Mar 2015 4:49AM

I have already made arrangements to attend classes at the scheduled time and find taking the assessment in class would be extremely convenient.


William Ly-Lee
Sun 8 Mar 2015 8:51PM

It just really depends on the prompt of the essay we are to write in class. Not all of the students in the class are computer savvy. So if the prompt was "compare and contrast Facebook and Linkedin." What if the student never used Linkedin?


Tim Fri 6 Mar 2015 6:38PM

If we are to have a test in class, I rather have an open book essay format. Or maybe I just want to see the world burn.


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