Feedback on the workshop process

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For people that came along to the workshops in Wellington or Auckland it would be good to get feedback on how you found the running of the workshop. This helps improve the way in which feedback is gathered and helps ensure people can contribute in ways meaningful to them on the topic.


[deactivated account] Wed 21 Sep 2016 3:45AM

Hi folks, after the Wellington consultation, we see the power of the Open Data charter to make positive change throughout NZ. So, here is some honest feedback Pete and I have about the workshop, so that you can engage more people. We've done our best to make our feedback ASK - Actionable, Specific, and Kind.

1. People Spectrum placing was not useful

It took a disproportionate amount of time, focused on each person individually, made us and likely others feel uncomfortable. no one wants to be the outlier.
A potential quick alternative:
“We want to get a sense of who is in the room. I’m going to run through some different sectors - raise your hand high if you identify with them - you can raise your hand for as many as you like.”
… at end:
“Are there any sectors we missed? Shout them out, and we’ll raise our hands if we identify with that sector”

2. Group information gathering needs to change format

Most of the room raised their hand to agree with the statement "I felt my thoughts weren't heard in the group exercise". This is a serious problem for a consultation workshop. The pen/poster method wasn’t effective. If people don't feel respected and heard in the workshop, they are unlikely to engage further in the Loomio, so an extra online forum is not the solution.
A potential alternative is that people divide into random groups. They say their thoughts aloud to the group, and write down their thoughts on post it notes, which get stuck on the giant memo paper. It would be more productive and diverse if groups were not just of one sector, since everyone is putting down their individual thoughts anyway.

3. There needs to be a clear question for people to discuss.

E. g “ how do you think that the Open Data Charter will impact the different sectors?”. This could be on a powerpoint for reference. This could make for better discussion than a complex form with no questions on it.

4. Use another transitioning technique

Instead of shushing groups, implement a hands up = silence rule at the start of the event. We've seen how powerful and peaceful this is in directing groups to listen, and contributes to a relaxed, respectful environment.

5. Don't summarise people's words

After each person introduced themselves, the facilitator summarised what they had just said (sometimes incorrectly). We see how this can come from a place of trying to show that the facilitator is listening, but in fact this undermines the person's voice in introducing themselves. It ends up with more facilitator talking, with less contributions. If you want to repeat introductions, host another round, but let people speak for themselves.

6. Encourage feedback on your workshop

Show that you're open to critical feedback. Set up a feedback form like (typeform)[https://www.typeform.com/] e.t.c

We are looking forward to engaging on more Open Data activities, and helping the community grow. All the best, catch up with you soon.


Cam Findlay Wed 21 Sep 2016 3:58AM

Thanks @gabrielleyoung we are always learning and refining the workshop techniques used so this is great food for thought around the process being used. :smiley:

Would be great to get your thoughts on the content discussed post-workshop (perhaps open new threads for each topic you would like to raise or jump into an existing topic is it's already under way).


Cam Findlay Wed 21 Sep 2016 3:59AM

@gabrielleyoung would you might if I updated the title and context of this thread to make it clear we are talking about the process and improvements to how the workshops run specifically in this thread.

"Consultation Feedback" might be confused as a place to give feedback about the content vs. the process :smiley:


[deactivated account] Wed 21 Sep 2016 4:32AM

Sure thing, update away


Cam Findlay Mon 26 Sep 2016 9:49PM

We'll be sending out a feedback survey to workshop participants this week to help gather further input into process. It's always a learning exercise and we're open to being open to improve :smiley: