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Potential for Loomio in Plunket

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Given that our boards are speread out and only see each other weeks apart do you see value in using a tool such as this to enable them to have online discussions and make decisions? I think the potential for them to come to a decision is a step up from anything we have to currently offer them and I see this as a real benefit.


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This is just a test


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Alan Stevenson-Galvin Wed 24 Oct 2012 3:01AM

How well does this work on mobile devices?

Also security might be an issue. how is the data stored and how is it managed? does there have to be a person on a board that will start these discussions and if someone leaves a board how do you stop them from getting into this information with their login?


Alan Stevenson-Galvin Wed 24 Oct 2012 3:05AM

not to be all negative. I like the concept but for the board is this not another thing for them to not like. they are already frustrated with the amount of logins they have to use. example being their plunket email.


justine storey Thu 25 Oct 2012 2:42AM

good questions Alan - my understanding is that you need to be invited to be part ofthe group therefore if you leave it is up to the group administrator to manage the permissions and ensure those no longer part of the group are taken off


justine storey Thu 25 Oct 2012 2:43AM

also need to check the data but I understand it woudl sit on our own servers and therefore would be covered by us. Does that sound right - sorry non-tech understanding but I can check


justine storey Thu 25 Oct 2012 2:45AM

I do take your point though that it is another thing for them to log into. It may be that this is a step too far for most at the moment and we focus on tlc. But I think its a great tool and one I wanted to check out and see if we coudl make it work.


Alan Stevenson-Galvin Thu 25 Oct 2012 8:30PM

Any information entered into this site will be stored on their servers.
I agree its a good program just might be too much for the boards to take on - too many different things.