Mon 1 Aug 2016 4:29PM

Internal communication on OuiShare projects

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Dear community,

At our last french summit (end of june), we held one discussion about how to improve our internal communication, especially concerning projects.

The issues discussed concerning project’s internal communication :_
* it’s often difficult for newcomers to understand / grab all that’s happening within OuiShare
* even not for newcomers, knowing what is happening within the different projects can often prove tricky, and it leads to long afternoon of updates every six month at every summit.
* but not everyone is interested in everything, and we also want to avoid sharing too much informations, sometimes too soon, and making debates when not needed

What the point of improving it ?
* It can help newcomers find their place or add their value faster
* it can help avoid that similar projects or ideas are developed in parallel
* it can help us present OuiShare projects to other people and make interesting connexions
* it can foster collective intelligence and belonging within the community, and bring in new ideas
* we talk about it at a french scope, but in the end the question is a global one

What to do ?
The thing is that we don’t miss any tool within OuiShare, we almost have too much.
So I proposed the idea that maybe it’s not a tool that we miss, but a role. It’s not “my” idea, but a best practice I took from this interesting document (sorry, in french), that is called : Une heure par semaine pour animer une grande communauté
(“One hour a week to manage a big community”)
In this document, they present the role of the facilitator for the community, as the person in charge of being pro-active to help project leaders being in touch with the community.

The proposition
We agreed we could test
* collectively to have and update a central directory of OS projects : I updated as I could OuiShare teams spreadsheet in our OuiShare Dashboard with some projects presented at last global summit on the project wall, but the only information I had was what I could read in this picture so please take time to check and update before end of august
* for new projects, the project coordinators are in charge of 1. making a post in loomio to inform about it and 2. adding the project in the dashboard. For projects that concerns France, it has been suggested that a HO or even a meeting IRL to inform about the project would be nice.
* to have someone in charge of reminding every month the different “project coordinators” / “projects stewards” to update their informations on the spreadsheed ( what is the next activity / step of your project, when is the next meeting of the project), and inform more in details in loomio the community about what is going on when needed. I’m volunteer to start and try this role.
* check in 6 months how useful it is, how much value it brings to the community, how much time it takes to the “facilitator” and what kind of improvement we should do on that.

What’s next ?
* If you have any objection concerning this proposition and why we shouldn’t test that process please let me know !
* If you have already any suggestion or want to show support to this proposition, please do!
* If you’re part of a project, please check that it is already in the list, and either update it or add it before end of August.

Thanks for reading it, and have a lovely summer!



Bernie J Mitchell Mon 1 Aug 2016 9:26PM

@maud1 I have always wanted to make a podcast "this week in OuiShare" - 15 minutes long - my barrier was how to collect the information.
Would you be up for seeing how we could make this happen as a support to what you have proposed above? ;-)


Maud Wed 3 Aug 2016 10:18AM

We can see how what I proposed evolves and if indeed it can be some material for you, for sure!


Myriam Bouré Wed 3 Aug 2016 11:51AM

Looks good! I think this should also be connected to the step by step companion mentioned by @ehabelia here https://www.loomio.org/d/WvtM8iVL/update-welcoming-guiding-in-ouishare-community-resources.


Ana Thu 4 Aug 2016 3:20PM

Sounds great @maud!


Ehab Elia - Ouishare Thu 4 Aug 2016 3:36PM

Thanks @myriamboure for reading my thoughts ;)
Let's talk about it @maud1


Maud Fri 5 Aug 2016 3:55PM

I'm not sure I see the link between both ideas actually, send me a message @ehabelia to tell me how you see things related ?


MAHE GOGUILLON Mon 8 Aug 2016 7:36PM

That sounds great @maud1.


Esra Tat Sat 20 Aug 2016 3:15PM

Sounds great, thanks @maud1 ! (update done for me).


Francesca Sat 17 Sep 2016 2:06PM

This is awesome @maud1 , thanks for this work, which I am very happy to see builds on the projects & activities list I made a while ago :)

Since we currently don't have any budget for global coordination defined a-priori, but this role of "faciliator" clearly falls in that category in my opinion, I do think that this role should be funded, if it becomes a permanent activity! how do you feel about giving this a try for the next months and around November raising a bucket on Cobudget to 1) retrospectively fund part of the work done 2) raise a budget for ongoing facilitation of this ?


Maud Mon 19 Sep 2016 9:35AM

thanks @francesca ; yes actually the idea was to try this for a few months and see retrospectively how much value does it bring to the community and if it's worth to maintain it. And if yes, yes we could raise a bucket about it, definitely :-)


Isabel Benitez Tue 11 Oct 2016 9:57PM

@maud1 This idea is fantastic and I'd like to see how this can be a tool for the Coms and Social Media Team. We still need to improve at communicating what we do! :) Please, do keep us posted and, if possible, let's have a meeting after your trial to see how we can coordinate ourselves! :clap:


Maud Wed 12 Oct 2016 6:38AM

@isabelbenitez thank you! I will get in touch with you soon as indeed I was thinking on how to communicate the last updates :-)


Elena Giroli Wed 12 Oct 2016 9:41AM

@maud1 i really like this idea.. is very useful not only for newcomers but also for communities to learn and see from eachother. let me know if you need support on this.
totally +1 with @francesca and @isabelbenitez :)