Wed 25 Feb 2015 8:33PM

What can be done off-event

JVD Jaco van der Merwe Public Seen by 286

I'm living in Auckland & I do not yet know if I'll be able to attend the actual event (due to financial constraints), but I would still like to participate & help out however I can.

What can I do from here (Auckland) to help with this event?
From my experience volunteering/organizing LCA, there was a massive amount of work to be done in advance, so I'd like to get as much of it done&dusted ASAP, while I still have time to give.


Alanna Irving Wed 25 Feb 2015 9:28PM

Thanks @jacovandermerwe !

We are trying to organise live streaming so people can tune in from anywhere on the day.

Are you talking about volunteering before the event itself? The most helpful thing right now would be to get more people to buy tickets!

We are also pulling together a plan for managing volunteers. Luckily we have an amazing community of generous people like yourself keen to help out. @silviazuur @helenkirlewsmith1 can you think of anything right now, or can you share what the plan will be for engaging volunteers?


Jaco van der Merwe Wed 25 Feb 2015 11:57PM

Getting people to buy tickets is a non-trivial problem - one we had to deal with via LCA - but I would consider that to be largely a marketing one, i.e. people need to know & there needs to be a concise & compelling narrative for them to buy into.

But, yes, referring to tasks that need to be done in advance - the more is done in advance (& contingencies planned for), the smoother the we could expect the event to run


Alanna Irving Thu 26 Feb 2015 1:06AM

@simonjarvis @anthonycabraal could you use some help from @jacovandermerwe driving marketing and ticket sales?


Simon Jarvis Thu 26 Feb 2015 1:27AM

Hey! Sorry took me so long to jump into this conversation! @jacovandermerwe We're currently looking at two distinct groups to market to.

First is the open source crowd .

  • how are you placed to engage with them?
  • Can you get to meetups in Auckland around this scene?
  • General sell here is the github crew coming over, as well as learning about how open source values can contribute to them as individuals, i.e. how they can still make a living going open source.
  • open source vs 'free'

Other crowd to tap into is the open society, this can include the former, but definitely is swinging towards non-tech focus and more civic engagement.

  • How to leverage OS tools to produce more civic engagement (think loomio)
  • Loomio will be at OS//OS along with related groups
  • Real life examples of those who have tried and tested these new civic engagement platforms!

That's the general gist of where we're going, off the top of my head. Disclaimer that those lists are broad strokes and most of the marketing material is pretty broad too.

For the marketing team specifically you can definitely help by retweeting us and liking/sharing the facebook posts (there will be more of these I promise!). Also forward the email newsletter & tweet/share to people who might be interested.

Anything else you can add @alanna or @anthonycabraal ?


Jaco van der Merwe Thu 26 Feb 2015 2:20AM

I'll start by forwarding the info & requests to the NZOSS list & ask people to pass it along.
Unfortunately I presently don't do the twitter-thing, as I find the signal-to-noise ratio poor & distracting (think it may have something to do with my usage)


Simon Jarvis Tue 3 Mar 2015 9:34PM

Thanks @jacovandermerwe - we also have this page: http://opensourceopensociety.com/champions.html with content to share :)