Wed 21 Dec 2016 4:46PM

Recording expressions of interest and keeping eveyrthing in one place

MA Mark Amery Public Seen by 267

Kia ora, Please enter all expressions of interest into this document that you receive beyond our surveymonkey into our HQ document: http://bit.ly/2faaexr
It is editable by all who have the link
It is key we keep everything in one place otherwise we all get frustrated with multiple google docs that have different sharing rights.
Please ensure your contact details are in here.
Sorry @mikestringfellow its lost your drawdowns - not sure if you can resurrect while still relatively small amount of data.


Mark Amery Wed 21 Dec 2016 4:47PM

Has anyone set up a Google Drive folder under [email protected] yet? Happy to play secretary and set this up and set up some subfolders. But its really important we're all on the same page so they're used by everyone. (it can get real messy otherwise)
Any thoughts?


Tina Pope Thu 22 Dec 2016 2:04AM

Best place for our docs is in the [email protected] folders I think. One place. The password is tilleyroad for now. Please leave all email replies to Mark and I for now as we have a system (I think) - but interesting reading. I guess someone has to set it all up though re permissions (not me!)


holly jane ewens Wed 21 Dec 2016 6:31PM

Awesome, thanks @markamery, I've added a couple of things in. One from my accountant offering services -- he was a specialty auditor of all NZ trusts until last year. He lives in Masterton and is not your average accountant.


Mark Amery Thu 22 Dec 2016 11:08PM

We're getting a lot of emails - Tina and I ave some systems in place to ensure we keep track of all offers - but wanted to share this one with the group in particular
Message Details:
Name Yve Kingi
Subject Raima Kingi
Message Kia ora Mark,Tina and Paekakariki Housing Trust...I am Raima's mum and I felt I needed to Thank you ALL for what you are doing for my kotiro and moko's...I have never worried about my girl being in Paekakariki as I knew it was a caring village,I am very humbled at this show of caring towards my whanau and again Thank you so much for caring for my daughter and whanau,May God bless you all Na mihi Yve Kingi
Email [email protected]