Fri 12 Nov 2021 10:47PM

Community tree nursery at Loveland

C Carmel Public Seen by 13

­­Application to start a community tree nursery at Loveland.


Finn Sat 13 Nov 2021 5:01PM

Love the idea Carmel, i think taking on the newly ploughed community bed would be a great spot for it


Duncan Sat 13 Nov 2021 7:36PM

Love this idea idea and agree with Finn on the location. Well up for getting involved if this becomes a subgroup.


Lisa Peakman Thu 18 Nov 2021 8:28AM

Is this for growing trees to a certain stage for community to then plant out in public areas or their gardens as “nursery” suggests? Will they be Food productive trees? Sounds nice 👍


Finn Sat 15 Jan 2022 7:21PM

Hey all, Me and Duncan are up for keeping the ball rolling on the tree nursery idea on Loveland. Think we will cover the new plot with a tarp for now, to stop weeds taking over. Lets get stockpiling currant cuttings! And rosa rugosa!


Duncan Sun 16 Jan 2022 6:33PM

Thanks Finn, yes definitely up for giving this a go. Have some one year old oak and beech to help get us started. Haven't watched it yet but this looks useful...https://youtu.be/-UU6jj5Smp0


Finn Wed 30 Mar 2022 9:59AM

For anyone interested, Me and Duncan submitted an application for a tree-nursery start-up pack, containing some info booklets and lots of root trainers. Plans are underway!!! Some sweet chestnuts have also been planted in the tree nursery, and the remaining trees left in the community bed could do with being planted in it too.