Fri 23 Jul 2021 4:10PM

What do we need? How can outsiders help?

EME Erica May / EM Public Seen by 18

Our website is going to have a Resources Wish List page that outlines our different projects and the components required for each, as well as other ways for people to get involved or help us.

Please comment in this thread some of the stuff we need so I can add it to the site!

Ex. Food Corps - schoolbuses for transportation

General: space we can operate out of


Yasmine Fri 23 Jul 2021 4:17PM


josephine grey Fri 23 Jul 2021 4:32PM

rent $ for space, target 3k per month, money for healthy food subsidies- target 20k per month (?) funds for refrigerating donated cube truck- 5k- to help gather fall harvest from farm partners,

buying and converting school buses -15,000k - support for BIFR and Farm corps pilot projects 7k per month,

operating costs for fall and winter- 7k per month, money for freeze drying unit 15000k - for long term food reserves/emergencies, home cooked meal and cooking programs including childcare and kitchen rental - 6k per month-- , my guesstimated suggestions


Erica May / EM Fri 23 Jul 2021 7:18PM

the $7000 operating costs for fall and winter -- that includes the $3000 for rent right?


josephine grey Fri 23 Jul 2021 7:49PM

no... 7k per month - people and overhead

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Erica May / EM Fri 23 Jul 2021 7:40PM

going to present our $ goals as bar graphs and ill fill it in with some budget numbers


Erica May / EM Fri 23 Jul 2021 8:16PM