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Richard Hsieh Mon 16 Oct 2017 3:31AM

Just to try it out here... I am not sure if we should edit this topic so I am doing a comment first. My name is Richard Hsieh, immigrated from Taiwan to Greymouth at end of 2014 with my family (My wife Katrina and two kids Kyle and Hannah). I am a house husband at the moment and my skill sets includes woodwork (more of wood house building related), computer programming (I have worked as a software engineer in the US) and car mechanics (worked part time in a car repair garage).


CoRe Tue 17 Oct 2017 8:47AM

Hi. This is Cassandra posting for CoRe. CoRe is a new organisation supporting people to work together to make diverse and creative communities on the West Coast. We co-inhabit 38 Albert St Greymouth with New Coasters and share resources and skills to achieve our common vision. We are keen to support the Timebanking Project by offering it a home in our space and sharing our energy and capacity.


Tracy Masson Thu 19 Oct 2017 5:46AM

Hi I'm Tracy from Hokitika. I am originally from Dunedin. I am very excited to see Time-banking operating here on the West Coast as am in support of alternative local currencies in view of Social and economic sustainability.


Sandy Thu 19 Oct 2017 10:03PM

Hi, my name is Sandy from Kowhitirangi, I was born in Canterbury but have been on the Coast since 1995. I’m a mum of three, a granny of eight (including two blended grandchildren) and a partner of one of the most beautiful people God created. Her parents must have had spelling difficulties as they spelt Angel with an a at the end. We are very, very rich and want to share our wealth with those who need it and this is the most perfect way to do that. Our riches don’t include foreign currency, stocks, bond, shares or New Zealand currency. Our assets include knowledge, experience, enthusiasm, passion and of course, time. Our skills include a myriad of house, home and land dexterities plus paramedical, animal and ‘teacher’ talents. As retired ‘old folk’ we see so many benefits in time banking and are thrilled to be part of this.


Fiona Pollard Sun 22 Oct 2017 11:51PM

Hi my name is Fiona and I am thrilled the Time Banking is being developed on the Coast. I live in Kumara and do a fair bit of voluntary work for the Kumara Residents Trust which is a great bunch of folk with their heart in the right place. Also, work part time for DOC and have gathered quite a few administration skills, although wish I had better house truck building skills ...


FLYaElizabeth Tue 31 Oct 2017 10:22AM

Hello! :wave: My name is Elizabeth and I want to see this happen here on the coast as I see it is advantageous to the whole community whether they are 'in' or not, as it builds upon it's strengths, so I want to jump in boots and all to see this happen and be part of that. What this will look like I am not yet sure. I've had a real passion for youth work in the past but as I went along I discovered that was too narrow as we are all in community and to have healthy young people we need healthy communities... In 2014 my world was turned upside down when my hubby died suddenly and unexpectedly, so I am still working out what my priorities are and who I am since now pruned off of my other oh- so- complimentary half. This project was only the second thing that got me feeling excited since that event hit, so I figured that is a good sign I should get back into being involved in the community, which was important to both of us and has been supportive in so many ways in the aftermath of the accident, and give something back.


Katrina B Wed 8 Nov 2017 9:19AM

Hi, I'm Katrina, and I went along to learn about time-banking when it was first talked about here in Greymouth. I'm married to Richard (above). I was born and grew up here but moved away when I was 17 and to Taiwan when I was 21. Since coming back in 2014, I've found myself involved in lots of community groups in different capacities. I believe in having equitable education for all and in sustainable living, and that is a community responsibility to help achieve this. I see time-banking as helping to get people to share their skills in a meaningful way. Right now, I don't want to get involved in the setting up of systems etc, I just want to be in the system.


Micheal Wed 8 Nov 2017 7:34PM

My name is Micheal ( yes, spelled that way !) and we have lived in Hokitika for the last six years. I attended the Hoki intro to Time Banking, am keen to support it and am a keen gardener of fruit and veg on one and a half acres, but at 73 am not up to speed with facebook etc: this is my third attempt to make Loomio work, and much prefer steamdrive email ! Let me know when you plan to meet and I'll offer gardening etc.
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