Thu 9 Jul 2020 11:23AM

A welcome to Trust the People and community transformation

PT Paul Thistlethwaite Public Seen by 158

Over the past few months we have been busy behind the scenes developing a new wave of democracy resources for all. The intent of this discussion platform was always to support action on the ground and we encourage all participants of this forum to support all meaningful progress towards better democracy.

So jump in, engage, connect, discuss, share and learn. Welcome to any new community transformers to this forum, great to have you here.

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Phil Green Thu 9 Jul 2020 4:54PM

Hi, looks interesting. In the video mention of hoping to learn as you go. How will that learning be shared more widely? eg any direct reporting of how the sessions go and what each group feels they're learning or otherwise get out of the programme as it goes along?


Paul Thistlethwaite Fri 10 Jul 2020 8:54AM

Hi Phil, yes we are supporting this learning and sharing in a number of ways. Participants can join support hives of up to 9 people and work together and share lessons as they progress. We have this forum where open discussions and sharing will be possible. There is also a harvesting team who will gather some of the nuggets and make those inspirational stories available.


Hester Campbell Fri 10 Jul 2020 3:07PM

Hi! I'm one of the Trust The People project team members. If anyone wants additional info, more details can be found here with the sign up link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/trust-the-people-5-week-course-tickets-111957503908


Alex Cooper Sat 11 Jul 2020 11:37AM

Good luck with this important work. We need dedication, patience, skill building and reaching out as well as expressing our anger and demanding that somebody else do something! Just sorry I can't make the times (Zooming with local Green Party, GND/BBB, Real Democracy Movement). Thought Thu 10pm might be the one, but see it's actually 10am.