SAP- 1 Composition of the Board

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  • proposal: Composition of the Board

  • Proposal:


remove point 5 from section XII.Board
(5) "To safeguard the diversity and the international character of the organization only one officer of the same nationality may be elected in the board of PPI. If two nominees of the same nationality would receive the needed votes to be appointed in the board only the nominee first elected in case of sequential elections or the nominee with the most votes in case of a simultaneous election will be appointed."

  • reasoning and motivation

Some countries are multinational, so our current wording "nationality" is not appropriate term for political diversity, one party may have candidates of different nationalities. At the same time, different parties (with different point of view) may have delegates of same nationality. There is no political diversity with our current wording, but kinda insulting definition which tends GA to find out the nationality of the candidate rather than political stance, this is rude and looks like discrimination based on nationality in a certain sense. Every person can point out any nationality (try to dispute that), so why we need this paragraph?
We need active people with skills, no matter from what country they are, every party have equal rights to put as many candidates as they want. PPI shouldn't suffer from people who don't know what to do and only GA have a right to decide who is worthy for the Board (according to skills, experience, etc), make a rotation system if you really want diversity.