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Date TBD: Debriefing MIT Business of Blockchain & RESO Spring meeting

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VIEWING PARTY (Date to be determined): MIT is hosting their Business of Blockchain conference today (4/18/17), but attendance fees are prohibitively expensive for many. Still, there's so much interest that the Boston Blockchain debriefing afterwards has a waiting list.


Let's use #RE2020 to aggregate and discuss real estate use cases that emerge from the MIT conference as well as the RESO meeting next week. If that's already happening in other forums, please post links to our open forum that focus is delivering savings to homebuyers and sellers:



Organizers of the MIT conference say that "video of all mainstage presentations" will be available online shortly after the event. Let's pick a date and invite innovators from @BosRETech and other MeetUps to watch those as a cross-sector group.

Should we host the replay viewing as soon as the MIT video is online, or wait till after the RESO Spring meeting so we can address both events?


#RETech & #PropTech continues to attract funding worldwide:


If anyone in Boston is creating local use cases involving housing, real estate, smart homes, smart cities, etc; will gladly add you to this by-invitation discussion on Basecamp:


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What's best way to debrief the MIT's Business of Blockchain & RESO Spring Meeting Closed Sun 30 Apr 2017 6:03PM

Instead of watching highlights of videos from Business of Blockchain as originally envisioned, let's dig into the two blockchain in real estate presentations at RESO (see @CRTLabs attached) and see where they connect to the MIT conference. Let's also look for ways to connect the Github / slack started in November 2015 to RESO's proposal to do the same:


Once we decide on the focus of the proposed debriefing, we can post another Loomio poll to pick a time and location. If someone has ideas for that, please add to the comment thread below.

If you're tuning into this thread from outside Boston, please specify your preferred time to connect online.


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Bill Wendel
Thu 27 Apr 2017 7:05PM

Here are the videos from keynotes at MIT's recent Business of Blockchain conference!