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Update Ouishare Website Project

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Here’s a short update on the status of the OuiShare website project that was discussed and launched here and funded here.

For the key call to action, scroll right down to the section “Now your help is needed”.

What has been done so far:

  • interviews with local communities and some external parties to get input on what next steps to do
  • basic updates of content and simplification of current site: changed nav bar, took out irrelevant pages, reorganized some sections // still being worked on
  • created a list of features and larger changes that Auli is working implementing over the next weeks
  • put in place first steps to evolve OuiSharefest.com to be our platform to aggregate all our larger events
  • discussed next steps with Juho on connecting OuiShare talents with the website // detailed update on this coming soon

Follow the progress of the project on this trello board.

=> Now your help is needed

To move forward with some of the next steps, your input is needed now to be able to update website texts, translate them into Spanish, German and French and maintain our community and project pages in the long term. See details in the following timeline that I propose.

To make sure that content stays up to date, I would like to introduce having so called “Stewards” for both community and project pages, which is a person responsible for makinge sure his local community or project page is up to date. If the steward can no longer take on this role, he is responsible for finding a replacement.

Therefore, I ask all Connectors and active members to please check this list with all community pages and projects and agree in your group on a steward for your community page or project. Once you have agreed, please fill in their name in the doc by July 11th latest. This person will be my reference to check in on whether your page is up to date.

If there are cities that we feel are no longer active and nobody claims responsibility for it, I suggest we delete those pages completely.


A reviewed version of some of the website texts is planned to be ready mid July, so I would like to set the deadline to have the translations done by End of August, so that we can have the website in 4-5 languages by September. How does that sound?

If you have any feedback on any of this, let me know.


Lucía Hernández Wed 29 Jun 2016 10:30AM

Hi Fran,

Trying to answer to your questions about Community pages :)

  • What are your communication needs are as a community?
  • Are the community pages useful and how could they be more so?
  • What could help you use the website more often for communication with the spanish community?

1- I think visibility of our members is the key point, tagged by skills, knowledge, projects as it's now and an easy way to find members by skills/knowledge/interests (I think is the part that is developing Sharetribe)
2- Events
3- Projects that we are developing
4- #Products/Services that we can offer as well as members as organization (What we can do for you)# We are starting to talk with enterprises/organizations and they ask us where they can see what we can do/what we are offering as products/services, now the web is not offering this information, too general not focused on what we can do for them


Francesca Fri 1 Jul 2016 6:06PM

thanks for the input Lucia!

Actually, almost all these functions exist already on community pages, since it is possible to show the active members, local events and projects already. We are also working on putting a "services" page in the nav bar, to make exactly this second point more clear, because I think it is essential.

I think for the services page, each language may display slightly different things as the services vary per country - so I encourage you to think about what OuiShare Spain might want to communicate on such a page (which of course will only be available when the whole site is translated into Spanish ;)

For updating your local community pages, could you take a look at our tutorials linked here to see if that gives you the answers you need for listing members, projects and events?

If not, let me know and I can explain to you, maybe with a few other people that need help cc @magalipagnon


Magali Pagnon Sat 2 Jul 2016 1:32PM

It could be useful indeed, thanks. Let me know if anything get organized, in the meantime I'll try to get things rolling on my own and I'll let you know if I need help! Have a great week end.


Maud Thu 30 Jun 2016 11:08AM

@francesca Did you already take into account what I previously shared about our needs as a local community a few months ago ? If not, tell me where I should put the information :-)


Francesca Fri 1 Jul 2016 5:58PM

I think I have taken into account most of the things that you told me back in the winter, but feel free to take a look at this trello card with the things that are planned or being discussed and send me your additional thoughts if you have some!



Manuela Yamada Thu 30 Jun 2016 5:27PM

Hey @francesca , Rio still doesn't have a community page as me coming on board is extremely recent. Would the community like to use the momentum to add one? If so, I can be the one responsible for keeping it up to date and put it in the spreadsheet. The same goes for ColaborAmerica in the project area (even though is more an event). Just let me know and I can follow.


Francesca Fri 1 Jul 2016 5:40PM

@manuelayamada I definitely think it is time for us to add a community page for Rio, especially with Colaboramerica happening! Do you know what to do to add it? As a Connector, you have the editing rights to add new community pages, which is explained how it works in the great tutorial that Auli made here!

However in terms of adding Colaboramerica as a project and not only event on the website, I think it does not make sense. We used to do it with OuiShare Fest too, but then I got a lot of feedback that it was confusing to people for it to be listed twice. Therefore I would say let's stick with it only being listed as an event.


Manuela Yamada Fri 1 Jul 2016 8:36PM

100% agreed! I'll work on the Rio page this weekend.


Myriam Bouré Sun 3 Jul 2016 10:29AM

Thank you @francesca!
I'm wondering about deleting pages for non active communities. I would suggest to have a mention like "This community needs a local host!" and leave the contact of the previous local steward that anyone willing to reactivate the community can contact to know what happened in the past, the local documentation, etc.
For example in Oslo, both @luciebasch and I are leaving Norway, but I would love the page to stay so that if people look for a local community in Oslo, they can contact either Lucie or I...
Does it sound like doable?


Poll Created Thu 7 Jul 2016 2:54PM

OuiShare as IPDB Caretaker - Blockchain Database Closed Thu 7 Jul 2016 2:55PM

Dear Ouishareans, this is a proposal to become a partner of an experiment and explore the field of Blockchain in a very concrete way.

Below you find some introductory information, and I'm also happy to discuss and answer questions together with Greg McMullen (he was a speaker at OSFest16 and is CEO of IPDB).

Warm hugs, Joachim

OuiShare as IPDB Caretaker

What is IPDB?
IPDB is the Interplanetary Database - a planetary-scale blockchain database that anyone can use. It is also a membership-run not-for-profit association.

Who can use IPDB?
Anyone can use IPDB. Most users will be able to use it for free, while heavy users will bear the cost of the network by paying fees set by the Foundation on a cost-recovery basis.

What will it be used for?
IPDB is infrastructure for the decentralized internet. The benefits of decentralized technology like blockchains will be seen in many areas, but we think IPDB is especially suited to intellectual property, identity, energy, supply chains and logistics, and IOT applications. The problem is that traditional blockchains like the Bitcoin blockchain don't scale for use as databases, and they're not queryable. IPDB is based on BigchainDB's scalable blockchain database technology, meaning we can build those applications today rather than down the road when traditional blockchains can scale.

How will IPDB be funded?
We are exploring options for this. Ultimately we want IPDB to be self-sustaining through fee-for-service on a cost-recovery basis to its heaviest users. However, to get the ball rolling, we are exploring options for crowdfunding, traditional funding from granting organizations, and donations from benefactors.

What’s in it for Ouishare?
Many Ouishare projects can benefit from having this infrastructure available to them. By becoming an IPDB Caretaker, Ouishare can help steer IPDB’s priorities to meet the priorities of Ouishare projects.

What will Ouishare have to do?
Caretakers in IPDB do two things: 1. Run a validating node that automatically approves or rejects transactions on the network in accordance with the BigchainDB consensus algorithm; and 2. participate in the governance of the IPDB Foundation by electing a board, voting on new Caretakers, and voting on other matters.

There will be three stages in the next few months:
1) Agreement to allow IPDB to list Ouishare as a Caretaker in the network.
2) Participation in governance meetings and discussions.
3) Operating a cloud-based “node” in the network.

Agreement at this stage is only a commitment to the first stage, and Ouishare could withdraw at any time — although we hope it won’t!

I want more information?
Look no further:

IPDB Foundation main page: https://ipdb.foundation/
IPDB Foundation Twitter: https://twitter.com/ipdb
Video - IPDB launch talk by Trent McConaghy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O5ulWkmmGiw Slides: https://t.co/LYa7KbCI3p
Video - Decentralized Web Summit talk by Alberto Granzotto: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfWgin3JlAU&feature=youtu.be&t=7h8m31s


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