Sun 11 Jun 2017 5:31PM

d@W on local radio stations

DS Daniel Strokis Public Seen by 349

Can we bring d@W to local radio stations here in North Carolina? We could increase awareness of worker-owned enterprises, which could only help our cause. What stations do you think we could get to carry d@W?


Bill Pultz Mon 12 Jun 2017 2:50PM

That’s a good question and I’ll have to ask a friend of mine as I have not listen to radio or television in over ten years. We have an independent minded community here in the town of Carrboro with a co-op food market in the center where people hang-out as it has the outside space. There may be something we can do to promote further interest in co-op’s of other types.

I think at this point we need to come together with the main DemocracyAtWork organization and tap into the what they have already learned and get some advice on moving forward, do you know if it’s possible to meet with someone there? Also I would like to find out what they have for a business design to structure a co-op, I think this is critical as the first step as people will want the specifics on how it’s structured before they become interested. There needs to be a plan in place for formulating and starting a co-op business to get people engaged, I myself am curious to what structure has proven to work best over time.