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Endorse a Joint Conference Committee with PGRSC for 2022 Conference

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by Jonah Sullivan Wed 20 Apr 2022 3:18AM

Motion has passed.

Please indicate your endorsement to join the Pacific Geospatial and Remote Sensing Council (PGRSC) to deliver a combined Conference: combining the FOSS4G SotM Oceania Conference with the Pacific GIS/RS User Conference.

The joint conference will be an extension of the Pacific GIS/RS User Conference, held at the University of the South Pacific in Suva Fiji 28 November to 02 December 2022.

Preliminary meetings between OSGeo Oceania and the PGRSC to determine the scope of the combined efforts (meeting notes).

Scope of engagement:

  • The PGRSC is excited to have a fully integrated single Conference Organising Committee (the current Conference Chair is Rafael Kargren).

  • There is a desire to have at least one day dedicated to FOSS4G and OSM themes

  • There is a desire for increased workshop opportunities


  • OSGeo Oceania could cause a problem by bringing a lot of delegates from AUS/NZ as well as big-name sponsors - This could fundamentally change the look and feel of the conference and we need to acknowledge this risk.

  • Unknown division of surplus income among the two organisations

  • Unknown pricing structure for tickets

  • Unknown financial and reputational risk due to event cancellation

  • Cost and difficulty of international travel could suppress attendance


  • Well-practiced conference organising team (several decades of experience)

  • Free venue

  • Conference usually attracts 100-300 attendees from across Oceania

  • Content streaming is possible

  • Visible and direct support of the broader Oceania FOSS4G and OSM communities and pre-existing initiatives


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Jonah Sullivan
Thu 14 Apr 2022 3:25AM

Good idea. Low risk / high benefit.


Greg Lauer
Thu 14 Apr 2022 3:27AM

I fully support this motion. As Jonah has mentioned there are risks but we can mitigate them. We should work on the assumption that there is no income from this conference .Traditionaly the conference has been free. By OSGeo Oceania supporting this conference I feel that we will add value in supporting our Pacific friends and further supporting and encouraging OSGeo/OSM use in the . I see no reason why a regional conference(s) in AU/NZ can not also be held this year.