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2021 Creative Practice Support

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Hi PPAC Creatives!!

I hope all is well. Both as a member and a board, one thing that I want to focus on is to support our creative practices. I don’t really know much about how the basement and space share have been done until now, so I’d love it if you can help me out in having a better understanding of how we can support our practices, which includes the usages of the basement and ground floor, showcasing each other’s work etc. (As a reference point of usage of space, linking this thread about Ground Floor Reconfiguration)

Dave and I have been sharing some ideas and I know there have been some conversations, can we set up a time sometime this week or next week to talk about where our visions and ideas are both individually and collectively?

Suggested dates/time are

4/20 Tues 3pm or 5pm EDT

4/21 Wed 3pm or 5pm EDT

I'm putting poll in a comment section. Let me know which one works for you!

love and light



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Yuko Mon 19 Apr 2021 9:38PM

The meeting will be on Friday 4/23 1pm EST

at Zroom.PrimeProduce.coop

See you all then!


David Wed 5 May 2021 8:43PM

Hi All!

Meant to post this sooner, but here are notes from the most recent meeting of the Creative Practice Support crew: April 23rd Meeting Notes

Please have a look in there for what everyone shared and how the discussion is progressing. Here are what we set as next steps (some things have happened since, will update later):

What’s next 

  1. Work Days:

    1. Upcoming Thursdays will be work/care days

  • 4/29 - Ground Floor work

Future work days:

  • Continuing to make space on ground floor with goal of making bookable art work spaces available asap

  • Organizing the basement

  • Taking the inventory of the space and personal belongings of the guildmates

       2) potential upcoming programing 

  • Commercial shoot (5/4 : tentative) 

  • ASMP - Photo show 

  • Joy distribution 

  • Black Reconstruction Collective Retreat/Dinner

3) Questions and ideas

  • Explore the future of the 3rd floor and the rooftop as bookable space.

  • group show/open studio day