Sun 7 Oct 2018 11:01AM

October 2018 meetup

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Date: Monday October 29th
When: 6pm until ~9ish
Where: the Shrub's office at 17 Guthrie Street (map)
What: we plan to watch "Building Communities of Commons. A documentary on DIY networks at Sarantaporo, Greece.", duration ~1h

This is topical since there was a MAZI project wifi-networking workshop and symposium at Summerhall last week. @pennytravlou was there, and she says should be able to make it to the meeting too.

I'll bring some beer and wine, and there should be tea and coffee available too. There'll be a donations box to help cover the cost of these; also the Shrub have a suggested donation of £1/person/hour.

Now on GetTogether (a federated Meetup.com alternative):


Chris Cook Sun 7 Oct 2018 11:34AM

I could do that


RoryG Wed 10 Oct 2018 11:13PM

Hey, Oct 29th is good for me.

On the topic of community mesh networks there's a Mazi wifi zone event coming up: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/reception-mazi-do-it-yourself-technologies-for-action-and-empowerment-tickets-50570640146


Nick S Thu 18 Oct 2018 9:17AM

Ok, let's do the 29th as proposed then. I'll speak to people at the SHRUB and see what physically needs to happen to use the projector.

I see that the Mazi drinks reception is today, 5-7pm. Anyone else going? I might be able to make that.


Penny Travlou Thu 18 Oct 2018 3:33PM

Hi Nick, I am at the Mazi symposium and will stay for drinks. So let me know if you are also going to be there as well as anyone else from the group here.


Nick S Thu 18 Oct 2018 4:20PM

Unfortunately I have now committed to do domestic stuff!


Simon Grant Thu 18 Oct 2018 4:25PM

I won't be coming this time, maybe another time, though! Hope you have a good one.


Nick S Thu 18 Oct 2018 10:35PM

Thanks! Confess I wasn't expecting you to, although you'd be welcome.


Simon Grant Sat 20 Oct 2018 8:43AM

I didn't imagine you were expecting me, @wulee but I did have such an interesting time with you last month that the prospect is very tempting sometime!


Nick S Sat 27 Oct 2018 2:18PM

Ok, so I had some trouble getting confirmation that we can use the Shrub's venue at Guthrie Street, but with some help from @ollienathan I think we're good to go. I'll update the topic accordingly in a moment.


Nick S Sat 27 Oct 2018 8:08PM

As an experiment I've added a recurring GetTogether meetup for this group, on the last Monday of the month here:


GetTogether is an open source (and free as in beer) alternative to Meetup.com, which promises to federate with ActivityPub at some point.


RoryG Mon 29 Oct 2018 9:46AM

Fab see you all there


Nick S Mon 29 Oct 2018 10:58AM

Just had official confirmation from Siri of the Shrub. She says the Shrub are formulating their guidelines but have have a suggested donation of £1/person/hour.


Nick S Mon 29 Oct 2018 11:14AM

I don't know much about this, but someone on the hacklab mailing list posted a link to a Scottish community wi-fi network, for the region around Loch Eil, on the west coast.


Also, excuse me if I quote some of the discussion:

DG: I am still having a lot of difficulty trying to find out what exactly
"MAZI" does, and what purpose it serves.

G: They link you to the internet without phone line nor mobile data. Probably microwave if they say they are using dishes. You could be up a mountain living with a generator and they would throw internet at you.

GG:The Mazi project isn't about an internet connection though. The toolkit is made to help create web apps which are then hosted on a LAN for the benefit of a regional community. For example, you might have a Rasperry Pi hosting a community wiki which is only accessible if you're in range of the open WiFi AP (If you think this sounds a lot like a piratebox, I agree with you).

There was some discussion of meshnets and connecting nodes over the internet, but generally the point is to empower communities. Think of the role currently performed by a local neighbourhood Facebook group and you might imagine what more open alternatives to that could look like.


Penny Travlou Mon 29 Oct 2018 1:54PM

Hi All, I will be at the screening later today. So I am happy to answer any questions you may have about the film, particularly the communities/individuals presented here. I can also try to respond to any questions about the Mazizone as I am collborating with one of the project partners, the unMonastery


Nick S Wed 31 Oct 2018 3:04PM

Thanks for all who came - there were seven of us this time.

Penny gave some good background to the film, filled us in on the MAZI project and generally answered questions, and a couple of people present who'd been to the workshops were able to demonstrate a MAZI zone device.

The film link is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eA4u03iKmRA. It is in Greek but there are English subtitles.

There are various videos about the MAZIzone project on their resources page:


...Including one in Edinburgh from a few years back, but the links seems broken.

(Aside: Rory pointed out the GetTogether link, if you focus on the map it presents rather than the address, guides you to the Bread Street branch of The Shrub. This is despite my placing a peg in the exact location on the map when configuring! Revisiting it seems hard to correct that. GetTogether could be improved in that and a few other respects, but then it's only at version 0.8.)