Sun 3 Nov 2019 10:20PM

Let's all review the budget and sign off on it so we can publish tickets

PT Phoebe Tickell Public Seen by 134

Hi comrades,

We are finalising the [DGOV Council 2020 budget](https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1YjMHWoLUNvBhhvkkxKbB9DnPdGgCGbnD/edit#gid=1855918062) now and we would like to be able to move forward from Thursday onwards.

We are looking for your input on:

  • Ticket prices - updated from 2019. What do you think?

  • Costs for the venue/lunch/materials - reasonable?

  • Organiser costs - how shall we do this? Either everyone receives same stipend, or we do rough estimate and distribute together in a shared economy process. More on this in a proposal in the thread.

  • Dinner costs - to go into sponsorship

Please - leave your comments and respond on polls in this thread! Thanks!


Ela Wed 6 Nov 2019 2:48PM

Dear all, I have also discussed the budget with Phoebe, but here are my thoughts for everyone.
Paying the team:
I would make a differentiation between event stewards and supporter roles and want to suggest we pay people by their roles. Event stewards are those people who actively shape and facilitate the council before, during and after the event. They should all be given the same amount. After the council we can have a money transparency session and see whether our initial assumptions regarding the roles we took on were fulfilled. If not, we can discuss redistribution of funds. For the supporter roles I want to suggest that travel and accomodation will be covered. What do you think?


Anja Blaj Thu 7 Nov 2019 1:19AM

Very much support this Ela! I reviewed the document, the costs seem reasonable, let's add the differentiation of the roles so we are clear with how much we'll be paying for supporting and how much for facilitation. The only cost that seem a bit off to me was the 3% amounting to almost 500EUR for accounting. I'm not understanding why accounting would be this high? Is it a German thing for companies?


Ela Thu 7 Nov 2019 12:48PM

Thanks Anja, yes, I believe that defining clear roles and responsibilities (stewards / supporters) will also help with the onboarding process and will facilitate expectations towards payments and reimbursement of costs. Glad to hear that you support the idea! In terms of accounting: I believe that those 500 EUR are a contribution towards external tax accounting costs that inblock.io will need to cover? Tim has to specify, but this would be my guess.


Aeon Hochberg Sat 9 Nov 2019 12:37PM