Sun 25 May 2014 9:54AM

Suggested Procedure for Submitting WGN Ideas and Events

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Jean Valjean has worked up a set of guidelines to elevate the WGNTF from being expected to or expecting to micro managing events and keeping abreast of developing ideas. He would like some input.


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boudin43 Sun 25 May 2014 10:13AM

Just for clarification, I am presuming this applies to ideas and events WGN is being asked to sponsor, not necessarily the events we are being asked to endorse.


boudin43 Sun 25 May 2014 10:23AM

I wonder if the kind of review referred to in paragraph 3 isn't delicate enough to become a "service" WGN provides to member organizations putting on their own events. Maybe we should have a "Festival and Event Management Panel"?