Feature request: make ‘no-admin’ a group type

JC Jaimie Cosmia Public Seen by 75

As certain kinds of groups grow in size and significance, it’s a disaster for democratic processes if the group can then be nuked or have its settings arbitrarily modified by a single admin. This is already a significant problem on Facebook. Groups with a radically democratic purpose should belong to the group itself, with group deactivation and settings changes occurring by specialized votes tied to the code, with moderation, if there is any, conducted by group members (perhaps by way of voting for mods or automatic levels of trust based on length of participation or downvoting of posts, etc.). In no-admin groups, outcomes should automatically result from the group’s agreed-upon decision-making method/s, the deadline stated in proposals, and other rules—no one should have the ability to set an outcome for a proposal that is contrary to the expressed preference of the group. This option honestly should have been priority #1 for a worker coop of former Occupy activists, if you have any interest in significantly advancing democracy. It’s indispensable.


Robert Guthrie Sun 24 May 2020 5:24AM

We don't really see much use of Loomio from that kind of group. We focus on groups that have a level of trust such that they can enable a simple admin model to work effectively.


Jaimie Cosmia Mon 25 May 2020 2:31AM

I’d wager you don’t see larger, more horizontal groups in significant part for that very reason. But I understand you have more limited use-cases in mind than large-scale governance and for that reason appreciate the source code being made open.