Sat 15 Nov 2014 6:55PM

New YOUNGO website

DT David Tong Public Seen by 53

Hi all

This discussion is underway via email in the Comms WG, but I thought I would cross-post it here for transparency.

YOUNGO's website(s) are really out of date. We have two: youthclimate.org and the YOUNGO Wiki Portal https://sites.google.com/site/unfcccyoungo/.

With Paris just around the corner, it's time to get these updated and cleaned up. There's no reason why we should have two different websites especially, so let's merge them into a fresh new YouthClimate.org.

Ideally, it'd be amazing to launch a new website at COY in a fortnight before Lima, but that's probably too ambitious - so shall we aim to make a start before Lima, do some work in person there, and then finalise a new site soon after COP?

A group of us were working in August and September on rebuilding YouthClimate.org. Dane Rossenrode had kindly offered to help design a new website, as he is a professional web designer, and Koen had also kindly offered to help with Wordpress plugins etc. Nathan and I were tasked with content.

We have drafted a sitemap and Dane has prepared draft brand guidelines for YOUNGO. What're your thoughts?

Koen has also created a new test site for us to play around with at http://new.youthclimate.org/ though the design and content are just placeholders for now.