Sun 14 May 2017 5:09AM

Fargo's Approval Voting site

CS Clay Shentrup Public Seen by 17

This is a pretty exciting.



Sara Wolf Mon 22 May 2017 11:20PM

Cool! Approval Voting still has some major shortcomings and built in bias but it's a huge step in the right direction. Go Fargo!

Even though I don't love Approval, I guess I do prefer it to IRV. Even though strategy is required with Approval and voters shouldn't be 100% honest, the required strategy is a lot easier for a voter to figure out and do effectively. It is also clear where the system still falls short so I think that it won't create an illusion that this is an endgame reform.

If it wasn't for the misinformation and confusing properties of IRV I would prefer that, but they seem to be inseparable. Another huge selling point for me that this is a good stepping stone is that favorite betrayal is not a good strategy under Approval but it is a necessary strategy for some voters in IRV.