Finalize "Code of Conduct"

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Here is our current draft of the Code of Conduct (thank you Drew!).

Please review and provide your input by 1/27.



Kristina Thu 26 Jan 2023 6:29PM

This code of conduct looks great! Replied to 2 comments in there. Otherwise I think this is safe to use for now and I'd propose we modify it as time goes on and we have situations to work with/build around.


Adam Brock Fri 27 Jan 2023 10:17PM

This is really solid. My two main comments in the doc concerned clarifying the substance policy and questioning who is responsible for enforcement of the code of conduct.


Caroline Savery Thu 2 Feb 2023 5:05AM

I added some comments that pertain to the culture we want among members and who is really authorized to "enforce" a desired culture and norms. This needs some edits, in my opinion, before it's ready to go "live" to members, but most of the substance is there and I support it.


Drew Hornbein Thu 9 Feb 2023 5:06AM

This is nearly good enough for now. I agree that we need better language around enforcement and steps 1 and 2 of that enforcement.

As a side note, I think that we should have a process that whenever the building is open to the public there is a special role someone takes on as the "space captain" (I'd love to signify this with a silly hat or something) and that person is charged with being in charge (as a last resort), basically just some way to have someone who knows what to do if something comes up.


Caroline Savery Sun 12 Feb 2023 11:47PM

Quick comment on policies needed (not sure if this goes here)... but I'd like to make it explicit that using the space in an unauthorized way (e.g. if you book an event and use a different room, or you're in the building when you don't have specific business there and it's not open hours, etc.) that these are grounds for disciplinary action. This should go without saying, but I want to say it explicitly and upfront. You could and WOULD get in trouble if you are abusing your keybox/access privileges.

I say this with slight concern that there might be an existing perception of SG as a "free for all"—loose with our rules, hours, and boundaries. This perception may be especially strong in people who've never personally encountered a radical project like SG before. I want us to think about nudging back proactively against this perception.


Kristina Tue 21 Feb 2023 7:34PM

That's a good note Caroline. Did you add this language into this already? I think it should be explicitly stated if not yet!


Drew Hornbein Tue 21 Feb 2023 9:04PM

This document looks good, I think the last thing that we need to do is create a simple list of rules that can be posted up around the space.