Tue 5 Feb 2013 9:34AM

Building the stage in the lounge

SR Sophi Reinholt Public Seen by 4

We've agreed that we want to build a fold-away, sturdy, bookcase-cum-stage in the lounge for gigs. Andy has offered to source some materials from friends and Sophi can try for sponsorship or at least discounts from Bunnings (Lyall Bay branch if larger scale proposal falls short). Andy thinks we can whip it together (once we have materials) over the course of a weekend. Ideally that would be the weekend of 23-24 February, regardless as to the lounge situation as we can store it away and do wall fixtures later. We'd have to have the materials, tools and a consensus that the dates suit all.

What we need:

  • To confirm that everyone is okay with a build happening and agree to which weekend. We'll have to factor in Chalkle 1000 launch dates (t.b.c. Wed 06/02).

  • A video for sponsorship - including overall Garrett Street Creative Hub renovation plans, "animation" of GSCH illustration, floor plans for downstairs, planter boxes, & design for stage.

  • Plans outlining the design of the stage for approximate dimensions and outside consultations in realising the construction.

  • Source materials for the stage (ply, crates, chains/pulley system, etc)

  • Source tools for the build

  • A mounted unicorn head with "crystal" horn. Crucial.

  • Suggestions / bouncing ideas once the initial design is available to consider.

  • Signing up those who are keen to help out - both residents and friends of.

  • Coverage: during the build photos and video for FB, website, etc. Timelapse.