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Discuss the possibility of organising the next NESEM in Oslo on 13-14 October 2018.


Laura Kumpuniemi Fri 4 May 2018 8:05AM

Hello there,
we should probably formulate some kind of ideas to be able to start taking steps towards going to Norway for the Social Forum there as we discussed in Helsinki. Yay! Maybe Ole could give us some more info? Does the forum have a website and what kind of proposal do we need to have if we want to have programme there? The definite deadline was 9 May, right? And what were the exact dates? Those could be also added to the above description of this thread, so they are easy to find.


Madeleine Fri 11 May 2018 11:52PM

Hi all,

Thanks for creating the group to facilitate communication and ideas Laura. Don't know if its already to late now for signing up for the Norwegian social forum since 9 May already passed but, as for wherever the meeting is going to be held, I was thinking that it might be a good idea to formulate an initial common goal/aim of the network as well as for the meeting (why is there a need for a network? what are the common challenges we face in Northern Europe that calls for stronger networking, peer learning and commons strategies? Some of what we discussed during the weekend). As many groups, organisations and actors performing work in lines with SSE are not themselves using the term solidarity economy to formulate their work, this could work as a base for discussion during the next meeting to formulate a common ground between actors and what the common goal is. Also, just in terms of bringing actors together for the next meeting, I think this will be helpful. What do you all say about starting with this to get some discussion going?


ole pedersen Wed 16 May 2018 12:31PM

Dear all. Thanks for the patience, but I do finally have exciting news for you. Yeasterday there was a meeting in the programme comitte that agreed to give two slots in the program for Nesem activities. It should probablys one slot staurday 13th of october and one slot sunday 14th. The program is organized in such a way, that friday 12th will discuss challenges and the current situation. saturday 13th new solutions (solidarity economy) and sunday is for networking and stretegizing.

These meetings should be public and open. I do suggest that the saturday meetings are more kind of presentatins, and that the sunday meeting is a round table discussion.
We can in addition try to find a meeting space for the NESEM network to have its own closed network meetings.

The deadline is the 29th, not the 9th of may. By this date we need to have (a decision on whether we will go throug with this and) proper descriptions of the meetings to go in the program. We will loose the slots after 29th, if we don't make a decision with a description for this deadline.
I hope this message finds you well, and that you all are eager to meet in Oslo in october.


Ruby van der Wekken Thu 17 May 2018 5:01AM

Hi dear Ole and all - good to hear of this! Thanks also Laura and Madeleine for writing - I fell after NESEM into another for me demainding deadline period, and forinstance havent gotten yet to the write up wanted to do. But so these slots sound positive! Madeleine, I think indeed those are the questions we worked around during the NESEM. I would like to via own report writing go back to where NESEM left us, and indeed continue from there.

The Nordic Muncipalism thread also continues to intrest to take forward. But perhaps it is a sub-title which can be taken along under the proposed sessions.

So Ole, we need concrete descriptions of the sessions now?


Laura Kumpuniemi Thu 17 May 2018 6:06AM

Great news Ole! It would be good to know the specifics as Ruby was asking as well. What kind of description is actually needed in terms of length etc.?
I agree with Madeleine, it would be good to write a common text to make the call spread wider. How should we go about it? Someone creates a draft document where we can all comment? Should we do this at the same time with the event descriptions, what do you think? Probably also depends on the format the event descriptions need to be in.


ole pedersen Fri 18 May 2018 8:41AM

I think it makes sense to draft an invitation in parallell with the event description. The event description should only be brief. 5 - 10 lines each event. With the first two lines working on its own as a short version.


ole pedersen Mon 4 Jun 2018 12:28PM

Does the lack of activity suggest that there will be no network meeting in Oslo during the Norwegian Social Forum?


Madeleine Sun 10 Jun 2018 1:21PM

Sorry for the inactivity, I also fell into a stressful period of deadlines so sorry Ole for not picking up on your effort to get us a slot in the social forum. Its great news and a perfect opportunity to continue working towards a solid network. I have a feeling that the low activity here might not be due to a lack of interest but rather the problem of working remote without any real structure of who is doing what. If no one already started drafting on an event description I could do that during the coming week? Are we all agreeing on that the event will be more like a meeting, continuing where we left of and incorporating some of the questions that we have noted in the document from our meeting?


ole pedersen Tue 12 Jun 2018 11:46AM

We can still have the slot. So very good initaitve Madeleine. I think there should be two meetings. Please have a look at my post above on the structure of the conference/forum.
Yes, I agree part of it probably is due to lack of structure. But I think for the first meeting that it would be good to have more input from more people on how the meeting should be set up, and who should give the introductions.


Madeleine Sun 17 Jun 2018 11:46AM

Ok I've made a draft on the event description which I'll attach below. I agree with you Ole that it would be good to have input from more people on how the meeting should be set up so all of you please comment and use this draft as a starting point for discussing the events:

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