Social Media Phase ll

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Phase l outcome was successful

The FB page is going strong with over 4,000 Likes and many of the posts get shared and people love everything Chas shares. This week the "organic reach" is over 17,000.

The twitter is being used by outreach to individual Occupy groups who are still active there + searching for breaking news and retweeting good stuff from #OWS hashtag

What's the social media strategy for Phase II?
Allstr33ts said they made an instagram,

Justin talked about a Tumblr which is a great tool for aggregating images, streams, info and etc.

What else?


Justin Wed 18 Jun 2014 2:28PM

Yes I suggested a Tumblr but we are not using existing assets well at all- people or platforms.

The content we are sending out is very low brow, dramatic & often WAY off subject. The Riot Trolls love it but not seeing much #OWS engagement.

Tricia I am not comfortable with you leading this discussion on social media and personally do not think it best serves Nat Gat for you to be at helm/ top tier of another community asset..

My experience of trying to work with you on social media honestly was horrible & really am not looking to create situations where others have to face the same.

You have a VERY traditional notion of top down organizing which is heavy handed and any attempts to work with you have resulted in weird emotional conflicts which are all of YOUR creation.


Tricia Wed 18 Jun 2014 5:04PM

I'd actually like to abdicate twitter and FB responsibilities and focus on the calm hub.


Tricia Wed 18 Jun 2014 5:28PM

Thanks for the critique, BTW. I'll be mindful of those tendencies going forward I believe good friends stab you in the front. :)

I know I am no social media expert -- but you are, @justin2.. Bottom-line the social media for Phase II?

I'd like to step away from the keyboard.


Sally G Wed 18 Jun 2014 7:44PM

“edited”? @justin2, you found a way to edit posts? Share! Not all of us realized that that was possible; I had taken to copying the text, deleting, reposting with editing before I clicked the “post comment” button.


Justin Wed 18 Jun 2014 7:53PM

If you have questions on Loomio feel free to contact me directly & not within the thread of a ongoing discussion.

Can you please be mindful the conversation topic & help us stay focused on the work?

One's Editing ability has many variables depending on where the content is, if it is your own or not & what the group settings are..

Social Media work.

How can we keep the work going without adding new platforms?


Tricia Fri 20 Jun 2014 5:20PM

Does anyone want to write and schedule tweets? People will want more information and links and we've got both thanks to Jackie and Sally.

This way no one has to sit there and compose each one.


Sally G Fri 20 Jun 2014 9:40PM

I will try to take a crack at that—we actually have a Titanpad for that!
NG3 TWEETS http://natgat2014.titanpad.com/40 < Empty
Let’s fill it!


Tricia Fri 20 Jun 2014 11:59PM


I can't be an "admin" of the main FB page because when I was, it kept posting the same message , Kerri is busy with her campaignl so I asked Daniel to make Jackie and Chas admins.

The info people will want is already created and aggregated and is ready to share with a receptive audience


Sally G Sat 21 Jun 2014 5:44PM

Anyone interested in collaborating on Twitter/Facebook and want to discuss it? Here is a Doodle poll for a conference call: http://doodle.com/4s6rmfc6q76dwvag
If you already have the password(s) and want to just keep on truckin’, that is great too—not trying to control or micromanage, just trying to facilitate communications.


Justin Mon 23 Jun 2014 3:46AM

Feel Free to Add me as a FB admin as well

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