Mon 26 Jul 2021 5:52AM

Echidna and Privacy

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Hi everyone,

The two issues of 1. 'who can see who’s notes on Echidna' and 2. 'who can access participant information on Echidna' was raised a while ago at the risk Jedi. Lynn has replied back to the Jedi with some ideas and I'd love to hear your feedback before I take the update to the Risk Jedi on Wednesday.

Please read through the attached 'CoS separation of notes' document. It will tell you what Echidna is capable of, including options to clearly define who can see who’s notes, ie separation between BIS and CoS.


The issue we have right now with members marking “can only be view by author” is that if the CoS leaves then the new person can’t see previous notes unless we print them off and send them as a pdf.


Lynn believes if we change over to the system as outlined in the attached document, this will overcome both issues. Lynn adds that "the issue of members seeing each other’s notes, as a breach of privacy may come up, but I believe as we all sign a confidentiality agreement (and honestly who has time to read others notes) this would remove any risk associated with this area of concern".

Please contribute your thoughts here.




Renee Davies Tue 27 Jul 2021 11:56PM

Thanks Aleks and Lynn. I've read the attached Echidna document about the separation of notes. A question - which of the 3 options is the proposed option at this stage? Option 1: Restrict other staff from accessing CoS notes?


Aleks Jovanovic Thu 29 Jul 2021 1:11PM

Not sure Renee. Just getting member feedback atm.


Francisco de Paula Wed 28 Jul 2021 9:58AM

I'm wondering if part of the process of handing over is a create an admin password to access thst account until it is allocated. Therefore, the information can be accessed via the coaches or Echidna admin.


Vic Tyler Thu 29 Jul 2021 1:58AM

My suggestion is for all staff to submit passwords to admin when they are generated to only be used if hand over is given to participants to another member or member resigns. This will give access to case notes following the exit of a staff member, or hand over of participant by an admin team so these historical case notes can be viewed only by those who need to know.


Mark Cauvin Thu 29 Jul 2021 11:33PM

My first impression is to go black and white, hit the privacy button, no need to answer questions later.


Lynn Lennon Sat 31 Jul 2021 1:24AM

Hi All just to respond to some of the questions about. We would be looking at the 3rd options eg Cossies can see each others notes, but can't see BIS or Psych - this is where the confidentiality issue is as there should be a separation between these different areas of work. The issue we have is if a Cossie leaves, the incoming person cannot see previous notes unless an Admin prints them off, there is no way around this other than a printed version, which isn't ideal. Giving passwords to Admin, etc won't overcome this issue. The confidentiality agreement we all sign when starting with Jeder addresses issues of information being visible by Cossies, BIS etc. Think of it as a filing system, if we were sharing an office and I was going on leave, I could hand my file to the person covering me with all the relevant info they needed to carry on, but for those working in a different office, they wouldn't have this access.


Francisco de Paula Sat 31 Jul 2021 2:28AM

Thanks for the update Lynn. if I give my user name and password, is the person able to see my notes or not? Could be part of the handover to create a new password with the staff user name for the purpose to access the information?

Similarly, if I'm going on holiday and I would like someone to be the contact person. I could easily give them my user name and password. Would this enable them to see my notes or not?


Lynn Lennon Sat 31 Jul 2021 5:35AM

Fran I don't believe giving others our password is an acceptable business practice. Currently Echidna Admin users can access all areas of Echidna, including all file notes, so the need for others' passwords isn't necessary. The proposal you've suggested still won't overcome the new/fill in person being able to see notes, unless printed (which isn't really efficient).

The suggestion put forward is what other orgs who use Echidna are currently using. This is a recent addition to Echidna due to other outside users requesting the differentiation between different users access to notes, which is meeting industry, regulatory and audit standards. The sharing of passwords, printing off file notes, etc is really not ideal, nor needed as Echidna can do this all for us, by simply turning on this operation.


Francisco de Paula Sat 31 Jul 2021 7:46AM

Thanks again Lynn.

I did not mean to give or share the password as it may have been interpreted.

I guess a different question that may not belong to this dialogue is when a "file note" should be made "private"?


Michaela Kennedy Sun 1 Aug 2021 5:04AM

I agree that we have all signed confidentiality agreements and that binds us to be respectful of this. I don't agree with giving passwords as this becomes another job for someone to do, keep a record of them. I believe permissions should be that only the member can see their own people's notes and no one else's. Coaches can see the member's notes they are coaching and their own, no one else's. Admin can see everyone's. If BIS and psych's have confidential information then that can be made private. Printing off for the next person is going to have to be enough. The printed information can be uploaded.


[deactivated account] Mon 2 Aug 2021 8:10AM

I agree! :)


Aleks Jovanovic Wed 10 Nov 2021 3:38AM

Hi everyone, thank you for your feedback and sorry that I have not replied earlier. During my member moment with @Anela Bradd today, she brought up some valuable thoughts regarding privacy, confidentiality and quality of note-taking. I would like to propose that we form a Jedlet to develop a Jeder standard for note-taking.

Please let me know if there are previous or current conversations on this topic.

For now, I would like to find out who would like to join Anela and me to work on drafting a well-informed policy on the subject of note-keeping/taking?

Who's in?


Anela Bradd Wed 10 Nov 2021 10:17PM

Look forward to working on this together 😊