hashtagalicious What hashtag for the rideshares and the caravans?

T Tricia Public Seen by 11

I was thinking the autonomous ride sharing can be hash tagged as #OccupyCaravan for a bunch of vehicles riding together #OccuRide for individual arrangements for rides in cars and such and #OccuBus for those who are organize to come in buses?


Julia Clark Fri 25 Apr 2014 1:06AM

Sounds awesome. Maybe, direction could be of use. If I am in the south and would like to find others from my area. How could that be done. #OccuSouth #OccuNW #OccuSE
I donno , just hitting some balls out there.


Sally G Fri 25 Apr 2014 2:17AM

Direction does help, how many ways does it make sense to slice and dice? That is a serious question; I do not use hashtags very much; could one, for instance, use #OccupyCaravan #OccuSE in a query?


Julia Clark Fri 25 Apr 2014 7:18AM

yes, you can.


Bobby Fri 25 Apr 2014 4:30PM

weres chas?


Tricia Fri 25 Apr 2014 4:32PM

I invited Chas to the discussion


Daniel Hong Sun 27 Apr 2014 3:51PM

I barely use my Twitter account, but I will for this!


Poll Created Tue 29 Apr 2014 1:06AM

Creation of a Caravan Stirring Comittee Closed Sun 4 May 2014 8:05PM

by Tricia Wed 26 Apr 2017 9:20AM

No need to make new committee. Caravan group is actively working to make resources like maps and share tribe site up and working.

I propose we empower a group of individuals to coordinate efforts for the vehicle caravan with a focus of mobilizing & supporting local Occupy efforts.

Let's leverage Loomio this way:

Agree: LOVE IT, I'll join
Abstain: Great idea but can't help
Disagree: Don't like idea won't help
Block: I don't read closely, not sure what's up.


Results Option % of points Voters
Agree 80.0% 4 J SG DH CS
Abstain 20.0% 1 J
Disagree 0.0% 0  
Block 0.0% 0  
Undecided 0% 13 BW T JC L K DB A B TF S CB SS AA

5 of 18 people have participated (27%)


Tue 29 Apr 2014 2:26AM

I can lend support to efforts via social media as needed


Chas Schaeffer
Tue 29 Apr 2014 3:18AM

I am getting to work on the I-80 Corridor.


Tue 29 Apr 2014 5:48AM

Needed. I can help with admin type organizing. Keep lists, etc. No Outreach. No Finance - but can get that info out.

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