Wed 2 Mar 2022 9:16AM

How can we support our team members and their communities in flood areas? Immediate and longer term

MH Margaret Henville Public Seen by 38

During the Culture Jedi today we felt a bit helpless with so many people caught up in the flood crisis. This is a reach out to offer any support we can to those near and further away. Please let us know if there is anything we can do now or in the weeks and months ahead.


Margaret Henville Wed 2 Mar 2022 11:44PM

@Fiona Miller has let me know the northern rivers response team have it all in hand and are working on the next best steps. They will keep us updated on how, what and when we can contribute.


Margaret Henville Wed 2 Mar 2022 9:00PM

How can I contribute to the purchase of Pull-ups?


Julie Anne Carrington Wed 2 Mar 2022 8:38PM

Up here on the sunshine coast I will drop off adult pull ups.


Margaret Henville Wed 2 Mar 2022 11:23AM

We received the emergency supply list below. Could we bring together a collection of some of these items? Or is there something like adult pull-ups that might be helpful?