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Poll Created Mon 2 May 2016 2:36PM

TweetUp to hear Doc Searls at Harvard, get update on IIW & Consensus 2016? Closed Thu 5 May 2016 8:08PM

The pace of world class conferences that could impact real estate has been overwhelming recently, and will continue through May 2016. Should we use Doc Searls visit to Harvard's Berkman Center, 4:30-6:30pm today to catch-up? (Doc convenes VRM Day & the InternetIdentityWorkshop (IIW) twice a year).

You can learn more about and sign-up for Doc's today's event at:



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Bill Wendel
Mon 2 May 2016 3:43PM

Eager to catch up with Doc, and speak briefly afterwards about Best of #VRM / #IIW