Sat 16 Mar 2013 12:28AM

Introduce yourself to the Loomio Community

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There are so many new faces popping up in the Loomio Community!

This is a place where everyone can introduce themselves to the group, so we can all get to know each other :)

As new people come in who have provided some info about themselves, we'll welcome them here.


Benjamin Knight Sat 16 Mar 2013 1:04AM

I guess I'll get the ball rolling :)

I'm very happy to be part of the rapidly growing Loomio team. I'm based in Wellington with some of the other folks, working out of the Enspiral space.

I'm mostly focused on community outreach stuff, online facilitation, and helping develop a cooperative social enterprise model that demonstrates our values and keeps the project resourced in a sustainable way. I've never worked with such an amazing bunch of people, so I'm feeling pretty lucky.

As a human: I'm 29, and have been living in Wellington (North Island, New Zealand) for about 4 years. I grew up in Dunedin (South Island), apart from a couple of years when I was little living in the US (Maryland, near Washington DC), and a couple of years that I was studying in the US and UK, then traveling through central America and eastern Europe volunteering on organic farms and working at an environmental NGO in Czech Republic.

I loved coming back to Wellington, playing drums in a few bands and getting involved in community organising and social justice work, mainly through arts and music.

When the Occupy movement rolled around in 2011 I got deeply caught up in it, and had a first taste of collective decision-making on a scale I'd never even thought possible.

Then, connecting with Enspiral and realizing that there were so many other people (even just in Wellington, not to mention everywhere else) having exactly the same thoughts about how to use technology to make participatory decision-making easy for everyone - and that together with likeminded people all over the place, we maybe even have some of the skills to make it happen - well, I have been excited non-stop about working on Loomio ever since :)

I love that things are now at the point where we can grow an international community together around this project, connect with so many other amazing projects around the world, and provide space for all these projects and people to connect with each other.

The best part of the entire project for me is looking (obsessively) at the list of incredible groups and organisations signing up to use Loomio.

Knowing that there is such extraordinarily positive stuff happening everywhere is a much needed balance to the extremely worrying environmental and political stuff also everywhere at the same time.

Basically, there's nothing I'd rather be working on, and no community I'd rather be working on it with :)


Jeff Swift Mon 18 Mar 2013 7:58PM

Hi all,

I too am excited to be here at the Loomio Community. I'm a PhD student working in the Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media program at North Carolina State University. All that really just means that I love studying and engaging in online deliberation and activism. I'm in the proposal phase of my dissertation, which will look at case studies of where deliberation leads to activism.

I look forward to learning more about Loomio and what I can do to help out.


Chloe Waretini (Loomio Helper) Mon 18 Mar 2013 8:07PM

I'm stoked to be in the fringe of the Loomio team, living in Auckland New Zealand. I've been involved with Enspiral for almost a year which is how I discovered the amazingness that is Loomio. This project and the people behind it inspire me more than anything I've discovered in a long time!

I work as a brand and communications consultant doing graphic design, writing and strategy for grassroots community orgs and social enterprises. I've been working a tiny bit with Loomio on this, but mostly I've just been watching from afar. I am obsessed with experience design - particularly in relation to collaborative design processes. My ultimate is to apply that to a public space setting!

Keen to support the Loomio magic and the team any way I can :-)


Francisco George PP-ES Wed 20 Mar 2013 12:29AM

Hi Everyone,

I'm 55, Belgian citizen residing in Madrid Spain, late father of twins 5 years old girls. I'm a member of the Directorate of the Spanish Pirate Party PIRATA.

I always been a freedom fighter, as any citizen of my native town, Liege, is. I participated during the eighties in the eclosion of Pirate Radios in Belgium, then participated to the legalization process till the end of it. The process reinstated the Private radio system in Belgium, that had disapeared during WW II.

I manage the account of @partido_pirata on Twitter. Mine is @paco229.

I was featured in a report from the public TV RTVE about social media called "The Social Mind" http://www.rtve.es/alacarta/videos/informe-semanal/informe-semanal-mente-social/1426896/


Filipe Silva Tue 2 Apr 2013 9:26PM

Hey, I'm Filipe, I'm 18 and I come from Portugal, as you all may know we are not going through an easy phase right now and all our social and entrepreneurial ideas and projects decision making are pretty much desorganized... So, my intentions here as a beta tester are not only to give feedback to the site developers (which have done an awesome work up to now, btw) but also to eventually help translating loomio to portuguese just as Noelia is doing to spanish right now...


Deleted account Tue 9 Apr 2013 4:07PM

Hello! I am Laurent! Very happy to take care of the French translation part! Living in Montpellier, French Riviera,. I am doing a M.A in cinema production, also waiting for a baby, and working for self sustainbility Projects like earthships and Simon Dale house and ecology!!!


Deleted account Thu 30 May 2013 2:40PM

Hi! I'm Neil - A Kiwi living in Europe (UK and Germany). On a trip back to New Zealand in January I got introduced to Loomio through a newspaper article. I have had a long term interest in online communities since I was first introduced to them in 1989, first started one in 1996, and have been involved with them on a daily basis ever since. Currently a part time PhD student and involved with a non-profit start up, Together 4 Change www.together4change.org I’m excited by the potential of Loomio and look forward to contributing in whatever way I can.


Richard Grevers Tue 4 Jun 2013 2:13AM

Hi, I'm Richard, living in Taranaki and a self-employed web developer. I'm webmaster for the Permaculture in New Zealand, which is how I came to be a trial user of loomio.


Rose Lu Thu 6 Jun 2013 4:48AM

Hey! I'm Rose. I'm currently living in Christchurch and working as an embedded C developer. My interests are music and yoga and crochet and I tend to get really excited about things. Looking forward to contributing to Loomio!!!!!


Ronan McHugh Thu 27 Jun 2013 6:52PM

Hello, my name is Ronan. I'm originally from Ireland but I work in Copenhagen, Denmark as a developer. I have some experience of non-hierarchical activism from back home, so I was very interested to find this project. I'd like to be have a look around and hopefully squash some bugs if I can find the time.

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