Sat 20 Dec 2014 2:57PM

Assessing new constitutional settlement proposals

BB Bob Bollen Public Seen by 68

Up to now, I've not wanted to engage in the EVEL debate because it seems far to complicated, and far too tactical. I've wanted a framework against which to evaluate things. I've now come up with these three headings - and would like to offer them (suitably improved) as a basis for our future discussions:

different models

* structures
* division of powers
* election method
* voting method

perspectives for evaluation

* justice
* subsidiarity
* cost
* public appeal
* likely impact on the parties
* likely impact on society

starting points

* asymmetry of original Scots devolution
* asymmetry of currently proposed devo-max
* emasculation of local authorities in all four countries (both revenue raising, and delivery powers)

I propose we should start from this last point, as I strongly believe that democracy needs to begin at the local level.


Colin Miller Mon 29 Dec 2014 10:17AM

Hi Bob and everyone. Fist of all i do hope you had a good Christmas. This is a reasonable summary of the issues re EVEL. And, with Neal's permissions I share my paper/literature and opinion review when I have completed it. Hopefully by end of this week.

And i could not agree more re the suggestion that we begin our work by exploring the local level and work our way 'up'.