Sat 10 Feb 2024 7:35AM

Board meeting 2024-02-09

JB John Bryant Public Seen by 8

Hi everyone, I've done a tidy up of yesterday's meeting notes. I think I've mostly captured it, but it would be good if you can have a quick look and fill in anything I may have missed.

The FOSS4G 2025 section, particularly the Q&A, might need a few more words.

There is one "action" I don't quite recall anyone taking - I'm happy to follow it up but I don't think we actually declared this in the meeting.

If we can tie it up in the next 24-48 hours that would be grand, then I can put a PDF in this thread and we can vote to accept.

Thanks! 馃槃


Jonah Sullivan Sun 11 Feb 2024 10:01AM

looks ok to me


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Please review the attached meeting minutes. Do you approve these as a record of the meeting?


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John Bryant Fri 16 Feb 2024 7:25AM

Thanks all, will distribute now