Learning and Change Networks Elevator Sentence

RB Rene Burton Public Seen by 2

one bit of feedback that we have had is that we need a clear and concise punchy description of what LCN is.

So we need to get a elevator sentence nailed down that we all should know and be able to tell the general population that we meet in elevators. Graeme would like this, and it is important that people at that level and through the faculty can repeat this elevator sentence so we develop a decent brand.


Rene Burton Wed 18 Dec 2013 10:32PM

my take of the elevator sentence…..

Learning and Change Networks is a programme with a focus of raising achievement of students that are currently below national standards, with a specific focus on Maori, Pacific, students with special Learning needs and students from low socio-economic communities. We do this by getting schools to network together and work collaboratively to move students, wh?nau, schools and communities in to an active role in establishing what needs to be change, planning that change and implementing the change. We work on the belief that the the participants are inherently capable and the networks have the skills and resources to achieve this goal.


Jean Thu 19 Dec 2013 6:02PM

Great Rene. Think we need three versions - this one, which would be good for people who were mildly interested, a one sentence one for people who are only asking to be polite, and a short article - 2-3 pages - for those who want a bit more detail. Jean