Tue 23 Oct 2012 4:21PM

How might Loomio evolve to serve the needs of TBANZ?

RB Richard Brown Public Seen by 53

There is some discussions underway in the Loomio (itself) forums as to its own direction as a consensus building tool. ie http://loom.io/discussions/936
It might be useful to contribute to this discussion from the POV of a loose/informal association like TBANZ. When is consensus needed? On what types of topics? How is consensus reached? Is consensus generally fluid, dynamic, evolving? Never static or reaching a final state? Is it more about providing information, resources and support to the many tribes?

To start I would support a Loomio extension to add a moderated/edited news blog to this/our group, much the same as the blog on the loomio front page, with world news, events and contributions to the timebank cause, just a running thread without the structure of the forum. And then something like the low level Skype chatter with random contributions of members, welcomes, unedited tidbits, etc, just an never ending stream of consciousness ie., "can someone give me a ride to ...?"


Danyl Strype Fri 26 Oct 2012 9:58AM

There are times when decisions must be made; where one option is chosen over others, and limited resources (including human time and energy) committed to it. In my experience it is impossible for any two humans to agree on everything. The point of consensus process is to test which things a given group of humans can agree on, then take action. Then test again, then take action again. To paraphrase Lao Tzu, even the most ambitious group project begins with one small, collective action


Danyl Strype Sat 8 Dec 2012 1:46AM

I think it's also worth keeping in mind that we don't every tool to do every job. Loomio is for internal discussion and decision-making. We have timebanks.org.nz as a public-facing 'introducing TBANZ' website.


Richard Brown Sun 9 Dec 2012 8:18PM

Up until now a timebank assocaition for New Zealand was just a concept. For years some have proposed there might be merit in forming a great council of timebank tribes. But even now many of the principle questions on the purpose, merits, values, structure and membership of such a council have yet to be debated. It has yet to be acknowledged that most of the questions will be open-ended, the qualities organic, dynamic and evolutionally.

For Loomio to really benefit/facilitate an emerging great couincil of tribes it might offer its members a way of dialing in their views on the range of motions, principles, values, goals, the scope and objectives, the mandate and structure that they want their great council to have. This does not neccessarily result in a simple majority view (black or white), but more of a living dynamic spectrum or space.

I am asking the question how can Loomio help faciltate this - it gonna take a lot more than a forum and an occasional decision.