Wed 11 Jul 2012 6:08AM

Proposal Process

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Richard D. Bartlett Wed 11 Jul 2012 6:08AM

Currently: when we receive a new event proposal through the website, I paste the details into a new Loomio proposal.

Suggested amendment: instead of immediately creating a proposal as I do now, what if we change the process slightly so that the proposal doesn't get created until somebody has volunteered to be the liaison.

That way the liaison is responsible for opening, closing, and editing the proposal parameters, instead of me being the single point of contact for that stuff.



Deepa-Rose M. Sealy Wed 11 Jul 2012 9:06AM

a round of applause to richard! yes, i agree.


Deepa-Rose M. Sealy Wed 11 Jul 2012 9:08AM

PS) should i liaison this 'proposal'?! ;)


Benjamin Knight Wed 11 Jul 2012 10:57AM

mmmm I agree there needs to be a change to take the massive load off a single Mr Bartlett, but I think we'll need to figure out a way of making sure things don't slip through the cracks. Ideas?


Natalia Lombardo Wed 11 Jul 2012 9:27PM

I like the idea, why not give it a try and if there's something that slip through the cracks as Ben mention then we can find the solution.
Question: who will be responsible for adding the proposal ideas (I assume as discussions) from the website into here?
Idea: maybe we can rotate "focalicers" for the task every 2 weeks? so the load of work gets distributed.


Richard D. Bartlett Wed 11 Jul 2012 11:53PM

I'm happy to keep pushing the proposals from the website to new Loomio discussions for now at least. The reason for the suggested change is not because I'm overworked, but because the process is not working as well as it could: Agreeing to an event before it has a liaison attached to it is kinda bogus.

And having my name attached to all the proposals is clunky too, e.g. Hannah S talked to Ian to modify his proposal but it had to go through me to actually make the changes.


Natalia Lombardo Thu 12 Jul 2012 1:27AM

what about putting the proposals from the web to here as: discussions waiting for a liaison, and when someone volunteers to do it, they can make the proposal and follow it up... ?


Alanna Irving Thu 12 Jul 2012 1:45AM

In theory I think this is a good idea. In practice, I'm concerned that sometimes no one will volunteer to be the liaison, and no one will get back to the person proposing the event and it will be a bad experience for them. Do we have faith that the admin team will organically take on liaising smoothly? On the other hand, if there's no liaison then there should be no event anyhow...


Richard D. Bartlett Thu 12 Jul 2012 3:55AM

That was exactly my suggestion Nati...


Natalia Lombardo Thu 12 Jul 2012 4:20AM

sorry Rich I got lost in space... so yes I like your idea! :)


Richard D. Bartlett Thu 12 Jul 2012 10:14PM

Ben asked me to clarify this thread a bit so here goes:

Current process:
Organiser makes submission via website
Rich takes submission and plugs it into a new Loomio proposal
Admins deliberate and hopefully select a liaison

Problem: it is easy to get a lot of people to click 'I agree' but there is no incentive for anyone to volunteer to be liaison. And once the liaison has been selected, they have no way of editing the proposal because I 'own' it.

Suggested amendment:
Organiser makes submission via website
Rich takes submission and plugs it into a new Loomio discussion
Somebody volunteers to be liaison and turns this into a Loomio proposal

This means proposals only exist once a liaison has been attached to them. Also it means the liaison 'owns' the proposal, so they can open, close, and edit it at their discretion, removing me out of the equation.

Pros: more decentralised, less bottlenecky. Cons: potential for event submissions to get lost in the mix

I suggest we can mitigate this Con by publicising our Loomio group (it's already public but we don't advertise it) so organisers can badger us if they see no action on their submission.


Hannah Mackintosh Fri 13 Jul 2012 2:49AM

That sounds like a reasonable way of doing things.

We still have the problem of if no-one volunteers to liaise with the person. Perhaps this is a different proposal. But i guess I'd like to know from the people who do most of the liaising if they feel like the current system works for them?

If we are going to change the process then it might be worth looking at the whole process of not only how we administer proposals through loomio but also how we go about working out who is going to liaise with that particular event?

If we have a process for this then proposals might be less likely to get lost in the mix.


Alanna Irving Fri 13 Jul 2012 3:41AM

Could be as simple as, if no one is picking it up as the liaison, someone notices and pokes people (emailing or physical poking)...


Deepa-Rose M. Sealy Fri 13 Jul 2012 11:16AM

could be as simple as the person who notices, and wants to (cyber or physical) poke somebody could be the liaison themselves?!


Poll Created Fri 31 Mar 2017 1:00AM

Kava Club locker to be kept at 17 Tory Street Closed Fri 31 Mar 2017 1:22AM

Kia ora whanau, we (Kava Club) are interested in storing a locker at 17 Tory to keep our collective's mea (stuff) in. We don't have a club house as such but 17 Tory is definitely our home away from home. The locker is in a picture below, tall and narrow it won't take up too much room. We can also offer a lightweight screen to the space to be moved around to "hide" any things like piles of chairs. As also pictured. Thanks! Ashley


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Murdoch Fri 31 Mar 2017 1:10AM

Hey @ashleymackenziewhi1 can you start a new thread on this one rather than a proposal? We've just inherited two cupboards, one of which is empty and has a lock that Kava Club could use, but would be worth discussing. Screen looks cool I reckon.


Ashley Mackenzie-White Fri 31 Mar 2017 1:12AM

Totally! Sorry @murdoch ! I didn't think the proposal would appear in this thread. Eek!


Murdoch Fri 31 Mar 2017 1:29AM

It's tricky as, I reckon. Has happened to me a few times too! no biggie @ashleymackenziewhi1