Event Planning

JO Jonathan Ogden Public Seen by 345

Hey there, I believe there's a new date of 5/6 at IRCO.

Let's get all of the relevant information in this thread, once the main poll is closed I'll move it into this subgroup (or we can just use the info) and we can talk about how it can frame/inform the agenda outline.


David Linn Tue 27 Mar 2018 11:52PM

Time and location confirmed? Once they are we can start confirming panelists. I’m focused on elected officials.


Jonathan Ogden Tue 27 Mar 2018 11:53PM

@olivia46 had said that was the case iirc, I'll let them confirm.


Olivia Wed 28 Mar 2018 6:38PM

Still waiting on formal responses from either IRCO or PCC. Will update ASAP and will also start making calls sooon – getting antsy! :D


Jonathan Ogden Mon 2 Apr 2018 7:13PM

Hey there, any update on this? (Do I need to bug people/follow up?)


robyn Wed 4 Apr 2018 6:30PM

date & venue still pending at this time (as far as i know).


robyn Thu 19 Apr 2018 7:07PM

Is there a planning meeting this week?


robyn Thu 7 Jun 2018 9:21PM