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Document and Improve Giveth decisionmaking patterns

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Progression Designers - Proposal for a team analysis Closed Thu 4 Apr 2019 5:30PM

by Kris is Thu 4 Apr 2019 5:37PM

As discussed in the community meeting this proposal is tabled. The main reasons can be found in the comments but come down to: yes, an outside voice + coaching can be very useful but 1) we didn't expect that first meet&greet plus the survey to be paying and 2) we have some talent in-house (like loie & dani) that would like to also work on this during our next team meeting in spring. When crypto spring actually comes or we obtain extra funds, we can revisit this proposal. Progression Designers team is ofc welcome in a mutual learning call, we just can't afford to pay for such services right now.

Adding a link here to Dani's comment bcs that fell outside of this decision and was added as a comment, so easy to miss.. -> https://www.loomio.org/d/L7kP9YDq/document-and-improve-giveth-decisionmaking-patterns/20

TL;DR - spend €950 to initiate a process to make us stronger and more transformative as a community.

Hey Giveth Unicorns! As mentioned in the before last community meeting, I met the people at Progression Designers (new Belgian startup of 4 team coaches) who are working on optimizing transformative teams. They have a hugely impressive resume (separate & combined) and were fascinated by our DAC, because their focus is bringing teams to a future we are trying to create NOW.
I personally believe we still have a long way to go to bring the individual skills & huge talent we have in our community fully to fruition & create a combined 'emergent' power crew that is extremely antifragile and robust. So they offered to support us by creating a possible roadmap as our coaches. How would this go?

  • Step 1 will be a short survey (possibly only one question) to capture our dreamed goals as a team and will allow them to prepare the process better.
  • Step 2 will be a meeting with them in the week of the 15th (doodle coming) to refine this question/our goal(s) and to intro their tool
  • Step 3 will be for each of you guys to fill in their online survey to gather collective wisdom on progressive work, achieving together, shared values, outside world relations, shared leadership and constructive collaboration. (report example attached)
  • Step 4 will be a follow-up meeting to discuss these results with us through a report and to propose an action plan on which we could work together. Their goal is always to collaborate long-term with teams and create a tailor-made plan, so this is only a first step!

For these first 4 steps they propose a budget of €950 (vat excl). It is on this cost that I need your yes or no. I have proposed to them to pay them in DAI (edit: they accepted!) and would propose to pay them through the Unicorn DAC.


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Josh Fairhead
Mon 1 Apr 2019 6:27PM

While respectful of this kind of practice I feel that in keeping with the principals of self-orginisation it would be nice to recognise it internally (bottom up) before looking to be shown how from an externality (top down - also lacks skin in our game); @danibelle knows all about this stuff and perhaps might be willing to lead a workshop instead? I'd be happy to co-create with her as we both need to sing for our suppers and its about participatory action! Fuck it lets sell our own consulting...


Wed 3 Apr 2019 6:07AM

Such analysis is usually used to attract customers to more complex consulting projects. But they can give valuable insight, so I think it's worth the relatively modest invest. Question is though: Who is the team? Where starts community?


Bowen Sanders
Wed 3 Apr 2019 5:33PM

I hate disagreeing - because in principle, the idea is at least interesting. I do, however, believe that the timing is bad, when these funds could more appropriately be used to fund ourselves. Perhaps at a time that the group isn't struggling to be self-sustaining, and pay ourselves and the outstanding milestones, we could revisit this idea? I'm also into hearing what Dani has to say on the subject.


Thu 4 Apr 2019 12:44PM

This is a hard one. In "traditional business" this kind of consultation serves a real need, by replacing HiPPO consensus seeking with something more communally sourced and develop holistic consensus structures. Seeing that we travel this road for quite some time now, constantly refining our practices we probably want to tackle this ourselves. I agree with Dani on priorities and would also support to have these funds allocated towards deep diving together to re-establish skewed alignments.


Griff Green
Thu 4 Apr 2019 3:29PM

open and down to play, but not excited about it... i thought the first step was free and then we would get to give them money later if we like the direction they want to take us...?


Thu 4 Apr 2019 3:42PM

I thought what you were proposing to us was a free thing with them? That they would benefit off it so were excited to invest the small amt of time to have the opportunity to observe/learn from us. Also, I'd really need to understand who they have already worked with, what types of orgs benefitted from them. I understand they are consultants for "progressive" orgs but there are so many types of those... would their approach flow with Giveth specifically? Pricy gamble.


Dani Tue 2 Apr 2019 2:54PM

I don't think I'm ready to vote on this, would love to see more discussion on it first. I'm generally a fan of these exercises, to bring teams together and surface underlying tensions or areas of weakness that we collectively identify then strategize how to address, and have led a variety of them for other orgs, this sounds a lot like the "Blueprint of We" as an example.

I'm not sure how it fits into our current priorities, perhaps the intention is to bring us together in a way that facilitates thinking about those priorities and mapping them together. It's been nearly a year that I've been contributing to Giveth and I've witnessed the currently documented roadmap slide, with some conversation about what's changing and without directly addressing it head on: I do believe we would benefit from taking time out to work on that together. It seems like something more to plan for an in-person retreat though than hiring an outside group to guide us through it remotely.