Wed 8 Dec 2021 5:02PM

New webpage for LL

L Loveland Public Seen by 14

Hi all, I've just had a rejig of the LL webpage on the new FFC website as Finn and I agreed it seems a bit outdated and need some new stuff up there. See link to the document in the google drive. Please cast your eye over it and let me know if anything you feel should be added and I can adjust and then send to Ben to make it live. Also any good photos please, send em over! Thanks! T xx



Finn Wed 8 Dec 2021 7:25PM

Lookin' good, think you've got all my photos in emails and in newsletters, none that great/suitable tho! x


Sally Thu 9 Dec 2021 12:09PM

Perfect thanks Toots/ Finn - will have a look through my pics and see whether I have any decent ones, where do you want them deposited? XX