Should minors be prosecuted for purchasing alcohol from any licensed premises?

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Would this be a good solution to instigate individual responsibility for the next generation of New Zealanders?

Currently, regulatory pressure in the form of The Sale of Liquor Act 1989 exists which places financial responsibility of the license, the licensee and the seller of alcohol to minors. A common thread among discussion groups is the requirement for individual responsibility. Do you think this would be a useful tool in shaping the attitudes of successive generations of New Zealanders into attitudes of healthy self responsibility?


Alanna Krause (Loomio) Wed 20 Mar 2013 12:45AM

Thanks for kicking this discussion off @clintondenheyer ! In the introductions thread a few people mentioned a specific interest in talking about young people, including @taylorgroves @katherinejanewalker @aaronthornton ...perhaps you want to jump in here?


Richard Fortune Wed 20 Mar 2013 12:46AM

I attended a forum recently where the idea of a Drinkers "Licence" was touted. Seemed like a reasonable way to go. Rather than criminalise people, they'd have their licence endorsed should they be in breach of their licence limits. This could be enforced by the police, by A&E admissions and also at the bar. Drinks are refused once you get to a certain allocation of units per day. Obviously this is a little bit "big brother" but prove you can behave before you're automatically given the right to get mashed on a dangerous behaviour altering substance.


vivien maidaborn Wed 20 Mar 2013 3:46AM

@clintondenheyer what do you think about creating a proposal out of this discussion? We notice it works to draw more people into the discussion and creates real focus on the topic - it would be cool to see what people are thinking about it more explicitly.


Poll Created Wed 20 Mar 2013 4:17AM

That under section 243 of the new SOLA we prosecute minors for purchasing alcohol. Closed Sat 23 Mar 2013 4:32AM

Prosecution of a minor is a provision in both the old Section 162 (1) and new Act Section 243 (1) of the Sale of Liquor Act. This could impose a greater sense of personal responsibility to a new generation of New Zealanders.


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Geraldine Murphy
Wed 20 Mar 2013 8:58AM

see discussion thread under GM


Geraldine Murphy
Wed 20 Mar 2013 9:02AM

see discussion thread under GM-lost it as forgot to 'submit'! I think we have to send a strong message of personal responsibility. There is already education. will redo my post with more details.


Nikki line
Wed 20 Mar 2013 6:49PM

prosecute them how, a $200 fine and a slap on the wrist, they'll just be more careful next time or get someone to buy it for them. while there should be some negative consequence for purchasing alcohol they shouldn't be sold it in the first place


Richard Fortune
Wed 20 Mar 2013 10:11PM

Prosecuting doesn't teach anything other than fearing the possibility of a fine or a charge. Which makes the decision to buy a "risk assessment" rather than a question of responsibility.


Jared Bothwell
Thu 21 Mar 2013 8:17PM

Too heavy handed, when I was younger I had friends who were prosecuted for under age drinking. This did nothing to curb their drinking antics.


Ruben de Haas
Thu 21 Mar 2013 9:06PM

I feel that creating more laws, does not make our society more conscious and aware of how we can live life differently. Stimulating other ways of behaviour are far better I think than prohibiting current ones.

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