Fri 8 Dec 2017 12:21PM

Getting started – First day of the Hackathon today!

H Hugi Ásgeirsson Public Seen by 16

Ok, so this is what we're doing tonight:

17:00 to 18:15 – arrival, setting-upping, repo-cloning, hello-saying.

18:15 – we start a hangout call with Erik Frisk (and maybe Matthew Parsons and someone else?)

18:30 – Once Gustav Larsson arrives, we'll start the real-talk.

Stuff to talk about:
* What are we doing and why?
* Getting to know each other?
* Personal goals: What do we know, what do we want to contribute, what do we want to learn?
* Current stack and setup (intro from Erik and maybe Emin)
* Goal for the weekend
* Break down work into deliverable chunks
* Form workgroups
* Decide schedule for the weekend
* Start working?

If you're not in Stockholm or unable to come, but would like to attend on Hangout, let me know. I'll also post a Hangout link here and in the Facebook event tonight.


Emin Durak Fri 8 Dec 2017 12:58PM

Hey guys! Thx Hugi!
Unfortunately I won’t be able to come to the hackathon.

I hope the work I’ve done will be useful for you: Especially from the UX point of view, which implies the relationship between nodes (one of which is the people). I think already existing user-accounts system that is implemented helps us a lot to define relations and how they will work in relation to nodes.


Feel free to ping me if needed! 072-225 7774